Bachelor's and Diploma Degrees at the JKU.

Medicine, natural sciences, education, law, social studies, engineering or business - given so many choices, it may not be easy to find the right degree program for you at the JKU.  Having so many options means making many decisions so the first step is to get an overview. Just scroll down a bit and see what you might be interested in.



Natural Sciences


Fundamentals of Natural Sciences for Technology

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Bachelor's Degree in Electronics and Information Technology

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Bachelor's Degree in Teacher Education Studies
Secondary Level (General Education)

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Degree programs in Business relating to topics in Education:

Social Sciences

Bachelor's Degree in Social Sciences and Humanities* Studies expected to begin WS 2019

Degree programs Business relating to topics in Social Sciences:



Diploma Degree Program in Business Education

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Degree programs Law relating to topics in Business:


Bachelor's Degree Program – Now What?

Overview of all Bachelor's degree programs with continuing Master's degree programs

The following list shows all of the Bachelor's, Diploma and Master's degree programs offered at the Johannes Kepler University and provides information about admission, enrollment, and pursuing a Master's degree after successfully completing a Bachelor's degree.

Contact the Admissions Office for additional information about individual admission requirements, curriculum requirements or any special entrance examinations.


Overview of BA/Diploma/MA Degrees
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Who? When? Where? How? What?

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Why study at the JKU?

10 Good Reasons to Pursue a Degree at the JKU!

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How to Start Your Studies.

First Steps to Your Degree

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BA and Diploma Degrees at the JKU