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Detailed information about the Master's degree program in Leading Innovative Organizations is available here.

Pre-Term / Boot Camp

Covid 19 brings some uncertainties to this schedule.  Currently, JKU services and teaching continues online and we are prepared to also start the new LIO cohort through virtual teaching. The boot camp courses are largely taught online anyway, but our regular program would foresee you coming to Linz on Sept 14th for the "BC1: Induction - Team Development" course. Please monitor the health situation closely before taking any travel decisions and get in touch with us to seek further advice.


Date 2020 Course Typ
13.07.-04.09. BC2: Foundations of management Online
01.09.-18.09. BC3: Foundational readings and academic writing - Part 1 Online
14.09.-18.09. BC1: Induction - team development On-Site
23.09.-24.09. BC3: Foundational readings and academic writing - Part 2 On-Site
02.10. 10:00-11:00 BC3: Foundational readings and academic writing - Exam On-Site
02.10. 14:00-open end LIO Touchdown & Takeoff Event On-Site


Required Study Material

Please note: This are the key course resources. Be sure to have a copy by the beginning of the course.

Foundations of Management

  • Gerald A Cole, Phil Kelly (2015). Management Theory and Practice. 8th Edition. Cengage Learning (ISBN 978-1-4080-9527-0)

Foundational Readings and Academic Writing

  • Cyert, March (2007): A Behavioral Theory of the Firm (2nd ed). Blackwell Publishing. (ISBN 978-0-631-17451-6)
  • Gavetti, Greve, et al. (2012): The behavioral theory of the firm: Assessment and prospects. The academy of management annals, 6(1), 1-40.


Winter Term / Capacity Building

Course ECTS Credits
Understanding Organzations and Leadership 6
Understanding Innovation 6
Understanding Entrepreneurship 6
Understanding the Digital Economy 6
Management Skills I 6
Research Skills I 5


Summer Term / Capacity Building

Course ECTS Credits
Organising and Leading for Innovation 6
Innovation and New Markets 6
Entrepreneurship in Context 6
Data-Driven Management 6
Management Skills II 6
Research Skills II 5



Course ECTS Credits
Electives 12

You are free to choose your elective courses. We recommend, however, that students in the LIO program choose electives that supplement their undergraduate education with the following basic pillars in the LIO program:

  • Social theoretical foundations of management (psychology, sociology, economics)
  • Business administration (finance, accounting, management)
  • Business informatics, analytics and statistics

So if, for example, you have a biology or engineering background, you most likely have strong analytical skills but may want to expand on your knowledge of social theory and business administration beyond the basic courses in the LIO program which, for instance, do not have a strong emphasis on finance and accounting. Conversely, if you have an undergraduate degree in business administration, you may want to take elective courses in programming or business informatics to learn more about this field. If you have an academic background in social sciences or humanities, we recommend focusing on taking some basic business administration courses in addition to improving your understanding of statistics and mathematics. If you earned your undergraduate degree at a university of applied sciences, we recommend completing a few theory-oriented courses.

JKU offers a range of courses in all of these areas which students can attend. An overview of courses offered in English is available here:

Business and Economics courses in English

Computer Science Courses

English-taught courses at the Catholic Private University Linz

Post Term

Course ECTS Credits
Master's Thesis 22


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