The Language of Instruction.


Artificial Intelligence

English English
Bioinformatics English English
Biological Chemistry English English
Biophysics - German or English1
Business Education (Diploma Degree Program)                      German and English
Business Administration German and English
Business & Economics German and English Predominantly English
Business Informatics Predominantly German Predominantly German
Business Law Predominantly German -
Chemistry and Chemical Technology English English
Civic Studies - Predominantly German
Comparative Social Policy and Welfare - English
Computer Mathematics - English
Computer Science German and English English
Cultural Studies Predominantly German -
Digital Business Management - Predominantly German
Economics - English
Economic and Business Analytics - English
Electronics and Information Technology Predominantly German Predominantly English
Finance and Accounting - German
Fundamentals of Natural Sciences for Technology Predominantly German -
Global Business programs (only open to specifically selected exchange students) - English
Industrial Engineering - Technical Chemistry - German and English
Industrial Mathematics - English
International Business Administration English -
Law German  
Law (Diploma Degree Program) German German
Leading Innovative Organizations - English
Legal and Business Aspects in Technics - Predominantly German
Management - English
Management and Applied Economics - Predominantly German
Management in Polymer Technologies - English
Mathematics in Natural/Life Sciences - German and English
Mechatronics German German
Mechanical Engineering Predominantly German  
Medical Engineering German and English -
Medicine German German
Molecular Biology - German or English1
Molecular BioSciences German -
Nanosciences and Technology - German or English1
Polymer Chemistry - English
Polymer Engineering and Technologies German and English -
Polymer Technologies and Science - English
Psychology (with a specialization in Technology and Business) - German
Social Economics Predominantly German Predominantly English
Sociology Predominantly German Predominantly German
Statistics Predominantly German English
Taxation - Predominantly German
Teacher Education Studies - Secondary Level         Predominantly German Predominantly German
Technical Physics German and English German or English1

1 In general, these programs are offered in German but they can be completed in English.