Conduct Research for Your Academic Work Abroad.

Does the topic of your Master's/Diploma degree thesis or dissertation require a stay abroad? No problem! The following scholarships are available:

STUDY ALLOWANCE TO STUDY ABROAD (for those receiving a study allowance ="Studienbeihilfe")

ERASMUS+ SCHOLARSHIP (for a min. 3 month stay in Europe)

If you are planning a stay abroad of at least 3 months, you may be able to get an exchange spot and receive an Erasmus+ scholarship. Ideally, your stay would be a semester long and you would also take a course or two (10 ECTS credits are recommended).

JKU STUDY ABROAD SCHOLARSHIP (for those who do not get a study allowance)

If you do not receive a study allowance (and thus no study allowance abroad), and you are not eligible for an Erasmus+ scholarship, you can apply for the JKU Study Abroad Scholarship.

Quick Facts:

  • Duration for scholarship: 2 weeks to 3 months (graduate thesis) and/or 6 months (doctoral dissertation)
  • Select the host institution you wish according to the requirements of your thesis or dissertation (university, organization, company, etc.)
  • Stipend amount: a monthly stipend (in accordance with study allowance for studies abroad Column II) + possibly a travel subsidy outside of Europe (€ 300, Australia € 500)
  • Apply online before your stay abroad begins



If Upper Austria has been your official main residence for at least 1 year and you still need financial aid to help fund your internship abroad, you can also apply for a scholarship from the state of Upper Austria as part of the IPS (Internationalization Program for Students). The amount is a max. of € 100 per month. In addition, you could receive a travel allowance for up to max. € 240 in Europe and a max. of € 480 outside of Europe.

Apply in the online application portal and use the form "Erasmus+ Internship: Scholarship Application" or "Other Stays Abroad: Scholarship Application" BEFORE your stay abroad begins.


  • Intention: Research project (academic paper in the area of engineering and natural sciences) at a university in the USA
  • Minimum period: 3 months
  • Scholarship amount: € 4,000 - € 10,000 (depends on level of studies and duration)
  • Submit an application (DOCX) by March 15 (for stays beginning end of July/beginning of August) and by October 15 (for stays beginning end of January/beginning of February)

Detailed information (PDF)