Green Travel

FAIRtravel and helping to save the environment can pay off!

Erasmus+ supports sustainable travel with a €50 grant!

During your Erasmus+ stay, you too can contribute to reaching climate goals by opting to travel both directions (outbound journey and return trip) in a more environmentally-friendly way. For example by train, bus, carpool with others, or even by bicycle. Apply BEFORE the start of your scheduled stay abroad. After your return, we will only need an affidavit, opens a file.

Please note that you will only be eligible if the major part of both trips, from the place of origin to the place of the host institution (and return), at the start and end of the stay, are covered by low emission means of transport.

The use of public transport at the location of the host institution or low-emission travel to and from the location during the planned stay cannot be supported.

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