Internship Reports.

Internship reports written by former interns should make it easier to help you find the right internship for you. Please note that all reports are in German:

1. Company Internships / Companies in Europe

Country Internship Major PDF
Belgium European Parliament Law Report
Belgium Exxon Mobile Polymer Technologies and Science Report
Belgium Flanders Make Leuven Mechatronics Report
Bosnia-Herzegovina Austrian Economic Chamber Sarajewo Law Report
Germany Allianz Versicherung Business Report
Germany BMW Business Informatics Report
Germany Fraunhofer Institute Electronics and Information Technology Report
    Management in Chemical Technologies Report
Germany IHF Economics Report
Germany Porsche Business Report
Germany ProSieben Law Report
Germany Shimadzu Technical Sciences Report
Finland Borealis Polymers Oy Polymer Technologies Report
Finland Austrian Embassy Helsinki Law Report
France Europ.Parlamentarische Gesellschaft Social Economics Report
France Austrian Economic Chamber Paris Management and Applied Economics Report
    Law Report
    Business Report
Greece Austrian Economic Chamber Athens General Management Report
Great Britain Austrian Economic Chamber London General Management Report
Ireland Radisson Blu St. Helen's Hotel General Management Report
Italy General Consulate Milan Business Education Report
Italy Liceo Statale Ischia Business Education Report
Italy Politecnico di Torino Legal and Business Aspects in Technics Report


VOEST Milan Business Education


Italy Austrian Economic Chamber Milan Global Business Report
    Law Report
Italy Austrian Economic Chamber Padua Business Education Report
Luxembourg AlphaBee Technical Mathematics Report
Netherlands Heineken Finance and Accounting Report
Netherlands Housing Anywhere Global Business Report
Poland AdRem Software Computer Science Report
Poland Austrian Economic Chamber Warsaw Social Economics Report
Sweden Austrian Economic Chamber Stockholm Economics Report
Switzerland CERN Technical Physics Report
Switzerland Austrian Economic Chamber Zürich Law Report
Spain 123 Perfect you Bioinformatics Report
Spain Centro de Fisica de Materiales Technical Physics Report
Spain DPoint Group Law Report
Spain Law Offices of Dorfmeister and Partners Law Report
Czechia BeWooden Legal and Business Aspects in Technics Report
Czechia Levebee Law Report
Austrian Economic Chamber Prague
Law Report
Cypress Austrian Embassy Nikosia Business Education Report

2. Internship Reports / Companies Outside of Europe

Country Internship Major PDF
Australia Hunter Medical Research Institute Sociology      Report
Brazil Austrian Economic Chamber Sao Paolo Law Report
Chile Austrian Economic Chamber Santiago Law Report
Ecuador Bermeo & Bermeo Law Firm Business Law Report
Japan Austrian Economic Chamber Tokyo Finance and Accounting Report
Philippines Bless the Children Foundation Social Economics Report
Russia Austrian Economic Chamber Moskau General Management Report
Taiwan Austrian Economic Chamber Taipei Social Economics Report
USA Mercedes Benz Business Report
USA Austrian Embassy Business Report
USA Austrian Economic Chamber New York Business Report
United Arab Emirates Austrian Economic Chamber Abu Dhabi Law Report