Immersion Language Courses Abroad.

They say the best way to learn a language is where it is spoken.

So why not take an immersion language course abroad? Click here to learn more about scholarships, grants, and financial aid.

Financial Aid:

If you do not receive a study allowance (="Studienbeihilfe") you can apply for a JKU scholarship to take an immersion language course.

Quick facts:

If Upper Austria has been your official main residence for at least 1 year and you still need financial aid to help fund an immersion language course abroad, you can also apply for a scholarship from the state of Upper Austria as part of the IPS (Internationalization Program for Students). The amount is a max. of € 100 per month (the course must be at least 10 days long). In addition, you could receive a travel allowance for up to max. € 240 in Europe and a max. of € 480 outside of Europe.

You can apply by submitting the form "Scholarship Application for self-organized stays abroad (non Erasmus+)" in the online application portal, opens an external URL in a new window BEFORE beginning the language course.


Would you like to take an immersion language class at your host university as part of the Erasmus+ program directly before starting the semester? Then you can apply to receive an Erasmus+ scholarship for this period.

Summer Colleges.

Do you have time during the summer and wish to learn a new language and discover a new country? Then take part in a summer college program!

Summer college programs are bilateral language courses in which Austrian students get language instruction in the host country's language and, at the same time, students from the host country get German language instruction. The program guarantees contact with local students and using language skills. Students also take part in a sightseeing and activity program, making a summer college program a particularly special experience.

The best part: Food, accommodation, and travel expenses are covered. And because these summer college programs get special funding, you only need a very small amount of your own funds.

Summer Language Courses with a Full Scholarship.

Why not learn Czech, Slovak or Hungarian as part of a funded summer school program?

The OeAD scholarship includes lessons, meals (3 times a day), accommodation, and even a cultural activity program with various outings and events. You only have to pay your travel expenses.

What are you waiting for? Depending on the course, the application deadlines are between March 15 and May 15.

Don't Forget to Transfer Your Credits!

If you are studying Business or Law, submit your application online. If you study Engineering, Natural Sciences, or Medicine, submit your application to the Department of Examination and Recognition Services.