Summer School.

There is a countless number of summer school programs that vary in duration and course fees. Sign up directly with the organizer. And there are grants and scholarships available to help you out financially. So, what are you waiting for?


Discount Summer School Programs.

There are some summer school programs that give JKU students an advantage, meaning you pay little to no course fees.

The registration formalities are a little different and partial student selection for the program takes place at the JKU.




Discount Summer School Programs with an Application at the JKU 2021

The online application until April 30, 2021 and selection procedure takes place at the JKU. Then you can contact the host university.

Mexico, CETYS:Virtual International Summer Program (ISP) No fees for 2 JKU students per course


Discount Summer School Programs with Direct Application to the Host University/Organizer

Czech Republic, Masaryk University: Summer Schools up to 500 EUR discount (depending on program)


Finland, University of Jyväskylä: Summer School no course fees


Italy, University of Florence: Summer Courses no course fees


Korea, Seoul National University: International Summer Program 10% discount


Latvia, Summer Schools with scholarship option Latvian scholarships available


Netherlands, Radboud University: Radboud Summer School 15% discount


Spain, Universidad de Alcalá: International Summer School reduced fee for JKU students


Spain, University of Deusto: Deusto Summer School 10% discount


Spain, Universidad Pompeu Fabra: Barcelona International no registration fee


Taiwan, National Sun Yat-sen University: Intensive Mandarin Program ~890 EUR grant


Taiwan, National Taiwan University:
NTU Plus Academy 200-300 USD discount depending on selected course


The following scholarships are available to attend a summer school program abroad (not restricted to the ones listed above):

The JKU Study Abroad Scholarship

The scholarship is a subsidy to help cover the course fees and is a max. of € 250 in Europe and a max. of € 500 outside of Europe.

Apply online BEFORE taking part in the program and submit the following:

  • Current CV
  • Current transcripts
  • Reason for wanting to attend a summer school program
  • Course program and schedule
  • Doctoral candidates: Dissertation agreement and statement issued by a professor in the field about the advantage and academic relevance of the summer school program (this will also replace credit transfer documents)

Please note: Any approved scholarship will only be paid out after at least 1 ECTS credit per course week has been transferred. We strongly recommend applying for a pre-approval application before the summer school program starts.

You Receive a Study Grant ("Studienbeihilfe")

If you attend a month-long language course abroad, you can submit an application to the Study Grant Authority in Linz to receive your study abroad grant. The pre-requisite is getting a minimum of 3 ECTS credits transferred.

If the course is less than one month, you can apply for study allowance ("Studienunterstützung") (PDF, German only). This is usually approved based on the study abroad grant.

You Are Officially Registered as a Resident of Upper Austria

If Upper Austria has been your official main residence for at least 1 year and you still need financial aid to help fund an immersion language course abroad, you can also apply for a scholarship from the state of Upper Austria as part of the IPS (Internationalization Program for Students). The amount is a max. of € 100 per month (the course must be at least 10 days long). In addition, you could receive a travel allowance for up to max. € 240 in Europe and a max. of € 480 outside of Europe.

You can apply by submitting the form "Other Stays Abroad: Scholarship Application" in the online application portal BEFORE your stay abroad begins.