Co-Registered Students.

Co-registered students (="Mitbeleger*innen") are students enrolled at another university (their "home" or "primary" university) but who are required take courses at the JKU for credit (because, for example, the home university does not offer the required course).



Co-Enrollment at Another Austrian University

Are you enrolled at the JKU and would like to take a class at another university in Austria that should also count toward your studies at the JKU? You can, providing:

  • the curriculum for your degree program explicitly outlines the requirement, or
  • taking the exam in advance has been approved as the exam in question cannot be taken at the JKU or, the degree program is a joint degree program with another educational institution and the exam is given there

Apply for co-enrollment using this form, opens a file and e-mail the form to the Office of Examinations and Recognition Services at: pas(at)

Co-Enrollment at the JKU

Do you study at a different Austrian university but the JKU offers a course you would like to take? Then you can co-enroll at the JKU and get started!


1. Create an Applicant Account

During the account registration procedure, opens an external URL in a new window, you will register at the JKU for the first time and as an applicant to the university, you will receive a guest account. This account will allow you to continue the registration procedure.


Please note:

  • You will only need this account as a prospective applicant to register to enroll in a degree program until you have been successfully admitted to the university.
  • The applicant account does not permit you to log into JKU IT services (i.e. KUSSS). You may only log in to JKU IT services once you have been successfully admitted to the university and your degree program.

If you already have an applicant account, proceed directly to Step 2 "How Do I Choose a Degree Program?”

2. Select your degree program and submit an application for admission

Log in to your applicant account at JKU MyAdmission, opens an external URL in a new window and select "Non-degree program / Co-registration".


For this step, we ask that you submit the following:

  • A recent portrait-size photo (JPEG) for your JKU Card (student ID card)


Please note:

  • You will be taking part in a statistical survey in accordance with § 18 Sec. 6 of the Education Documentation Act.
  • Submit the recent photo as a JPEG file, not in a read-only mode, and as a portrait size. Please select a passport photo in which you are clearly identifiable, preferably with a monochrome background.

Please ensure that all of your documents are in a PDF file format, complete (all pages), and legible.

  • Confirmation issued by the studies administration office at your home university stating that the course(s) you will take at the Johannes Kepler University are not offered or available at your home university.
  • Valid passport, ID card or driver's license in combination with your proof of nationality.
  • Confirmation of any name change, providing all documents do not contain the same name (i.e. a marriage certificate).

3. Complete Admission

In lieu of the current pandemic it is not necessary to come in person for the admission.

Your admissions process will be completed online and we will inform you about all further steps via e-mail.


4. Student Union Fees and Tuition Fees

No, but please note that you must pay any tuition fees at your home university (the university you earning your degree at). Payment must be indicated each semester on the most recent version of your student record sheet and a copy e-mailed to: studienbeitrag(at), opens in new window