Information about Credit Transfer and Examination Recognition.

If you have successfully passed examinations at another university, you can receive academic credit if the examinations are considered equivalent in scope and content.

In compliance with § 78 of the 2002 Universities Act, degree-seeking students who have successfully passed examinations taken

  • at a recognized and accredited post-secondary educational institution in Austria or abroad,
  • as part of studies at a recognized and accredited educational institution in Austria which require general university entrance qualifications,
  • at a vocational secondary school in subjects required for future employment or
  • at an institution of higher education for teaching professions in subjects required for future employment,

can submit an application to the responsible university authorities for the approval of credit transfer/recognition as long as the required examinations outlined in the curricula are considered equivalent in scope and content.

Office of Examinations and Recognition Services


1st floor
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How do I submit an application for credit transfer / examination recognition?

When filing an application to receive academic credit in law, social sciences, economics & business or medicine use AUWEA NG to determine credit transfer.

Please contact the Office of Examination and Recognition Services for information regarding degree programs offered by the Faculty of Engineering & Natural Sciences.

Apply for the Bachelor's degree program in Teacher Education Studies, Secondary level at the LiLeS Service Center.

See Examination Recognition - Austria and Examination Recognition - International for detailed information.

Can I get academic credit for examinations before completing the StEOP requirements?

In regards to open StEOP examinations, the only examinations that can be approved for credit transfer/recognition are those that are a part of the StEOP program or listed in the curriculum as an additional course that can be completed before completing the StEOP program.

Click here for detailed information about StEOP requirements.

Can I get academic credit for examinations during an officially approved 'Leave of Absence'?

During an officially approved 'leave of absence', credit transfer/recognition for examinations is prohibited as this counts as taking and successfully passing the corresponding examination. Therefore, the earliest date to submit an application for examination credit transfer/recognition for assessment and processing is the following semester after the student’s leave of absence.

Can I get academic credit for examinations taken at a HAK / HBLA / HTL school?

Students who successfully pass examinations at higher-level vocational colleges may qualify for credit transfer if the examination is considered equivalent in scope and content and if the subjects are required for future employment.

Academic credit from HAK / HBLA schools:
KS Accounting Basics According to Austrian Corporate Code (UGB) or KS Accounting and KS Basics in Cost Accounting or KS Cost Accounting
Students who have successfully passed Accounting Basics According to Austrian Corporate Code (UGB) or Accounting and Basics in Cost Accounting or Cost Accounting as part of their Matura examination at a higher-level school of business studies, tourism, fashion and clothing technology or for artistic design within the last six years from date of the student's application will receive academic credit toward their choice of degree program. Other examinations must be reviewed on a case-by-case basis to ensure they are equivalent in content and scope.

Academic credit from HTL schools:
Bachelor's degree in Computer Science

By taking classes from later semesters early on, graduates from computer science HTL schools in Leonding, Perg or Grieskirchen can save one semester and - if enrolling during the Summer Semester - even a full academic year (additional information).

Bachelor's degree program WIN

There no academic credit transfer for autonomous course hours.

Can examinations from a Bachelor's degree program count toward a Master's degree program?

There is no academic credit transfer for examinations taken as part of an admissions-based degree program.

Will accepted credit transfer for examinations be visible in KUSSS?

Official notification of approved credit transfer is to be picked up in person at the Office of Examinations and Recognition Services. You will be notified per e-mail. If credit transfer from examinations taken at other universites in Austria or abroad has been approved, please bring the original documents and copy of those documents with you to the office or send them by post.

Students in the MMJUS program will receive official notification in the mail. In order to review the documents, please send the certificates (if they are not officially signed) in the original and in copy by mail. The official notification and certificates will be sent return to you by mail.

Approximately one week after picking up the official notification you will see the approved credit transfer noted in KUSSS.

Credit for courses taken in Austria Academic credit for exams at universities in Austria or abroad if you did NOT take these courses/exams as part of an exchange program.

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