Credit Transfer/Exam Recognition - Degrees by the Faculty of Law

Bachelor's and Master's Degree Application

  • Diploma Degree in Law
  • Bachelor's Degree in Business Law
  • Master's Degree in Legal and Business Aspects in Technics
  • Master's Degree in Tax Law & Tax Management


NOTE: Beginning January 1, 2015 the first Diploma degree examination taken at other Austrian universities will no longer be globally recognized.

Guidelines, opens a file in a new window to get credit for examinations taken at other Austrian universities (Diploma degree program in Law)

  1. When filing an application, use AUWEA NG, opens an external URL in a new window to determine credit transfer.
  2. The application will be approved after a review by the corresponding representative.
  3. After approval, the recognitions are transferred to the system. If examinations were taken at external educational institutions, the certificates must be submitted to the Examination and Recognition Service by mail or in person as originals and copies. If it is a digitally signed certificate, uploading it to the recognition application is sufficient.