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Have you studied hard and now want to take your first (set of) examinations? Here's what you need to know:

Office of Examinations and Recognition Services


1st floor
Rooms 101-105

Register for course examinations via KUSSS, opens an external URL in a new window.

When you sign up for practical courses, courses and seminars, you register for the course examination at the same time that register for the class; getting into the course is considered admission to the course examination.
For other courses and lectures, you have until the end of the second following semester in which the course is held to sign up with the course instructor.
Tests taken outside of designated examination periods are absolutely null and void. There is no credit transfer for the total number of times a student must repeat an examination.
Please pay attention to the information provided by instructors for each individual course.

Sign up for examinations and subject area examinations by the deadline via KUSSS, opens an external URL in a new window.

Students may no longer sign up for examinations per e-mail.

Students who wish to sign up for final examinations in the Diploma degree, Bachelor's, Master's degree programs, an oral defense, supplementary examinations (aside from the supplementary examination in Latin), and subject examinations for an independent studies program must do so in person at the Office of Examinations and Recognition Services.

See KUSSS, opens an external URL in a new window approximately two weeks before the examination date (under the menu item "Kundmachung") for detailed information about the examination(s) (exact date(s), place and time)..

If one particular examination is offered on several dates, students may only sign up to take the examination on one of the offered dates. You may only sign up for an examination if you have not yet received a grade from the last examination.

Before beginning a degree program, degree-seeking students may be required to pass supplementary examinations (see admission letter).

Students may sign up for supplementary examinations by no later than one week before the set examination date by going to the Office of Examinations and Recognition Services or by sending an e-mail to: pruefung-sowi(at)jku.at.

Additional examinations are to be completed as part of the degree program requirements.

Students who are required to take Latin must sign up for the examination three weeks before the examination date via KUSSS, opens an external URL in a new window under "Fachprüfungen".
Students may sign up for the additional examination in Descriptive Geometry as part of the lecture "Vorbereitung auf die Ergänzungsprüfung Darstellende Geometrie".

Deregistration from a subject area examination is only possible via KUSSS up to the third working day before the day of the examination.
If you do not attend the exam without deregistering, you will not be able to register for the same exam for the next exam date unless you can provide a valid reason for not deregistering by submitting appropriate documents to the examination and recognition service.

Students may repeat failed examinations taken for the Studies Introduction and Orientation Phase three times (four attempts)

In regard to all other examinations, students may re-sit for an examination up to four times (5 attempts). All examination attempts in the same subject for all respective subjects at the same university count.

When repeating an examination for the third time (subject examination, lecture, lecture with exercises, courses and combined courses) the examination will then be conducted by commission, providing the examination is in the form of a single examination procedure.
Upon request by the student, the second repetition attempt can also be conducted by commission.
The last examination attempt (the fourth repetition) will be conducted by commission (no exceptions); in regards to courses featuring tutorials and seminars, the examination commission will base their decision in regards to each individual case to determine how previous performances can best be concentrated as part of the current examination, therefore making a grade by commission accessible.
After having heard the student, the Examination Board chairman is required to notify the Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs, opens in new window (e-mail to: vizerektor-lehre(at)jku.at).

Übungen (UE) can be also be referred to as Arbeitsgemeinschaft (AG), Intensivierungskurs (IK), Praktikum (PR) or Proseminar (PS) within the curriculum.
Kurse (KS) can also be referred to as Vorlesung mit Übung (VU) or kombinierte Lehrveranstaltung (KV) within the curriculum.

Students who fail an "Übung" course and a seminar must repeat the entire course.
Students will receive a course grade after completing the course and course examination; in order to repeat the course examination, the rules pertaining to course examinations apply in that when repeating an examination, non-repetitive sections of the course examination may be included in the grade.

In regard to examinations that are not part of the StEOP requirements, students will not be admitted to the program after five negative attempts. Re-applying for admission to the JKU or, in regard to joint degree programs (i.e. teacher education studies), at the participating educational institutions (those in the "Cluster Mitte" group) for those programs in which passing the same examination is mandatory, is not permitted. In regard Teacher Education Programs at the Secondary Level (General Education), students can apply to enroll in the progam only for subject areas or areas of specializations for which successfully passing the same examination is not mandatory.

In regard to examinations that are part of the StEOP requirements, students will not be permitted to continue the program after four negative attempts.

Positively assessed examinations may be repeated once up to 12 months after they have been taken, but no longer than until the completion of the relevant study section or until the completion of the relevant degree program. The right to repeat a positively assessed examination expires at the time when an application is made to use the examination result as a prerequisite for registering for a course or examination or as a component of a course or higher-level examination (e.g. by registering for a course or examination accordingly).
The positively assessed examination becomes null and void when the student takes the repeat examination. Therefore, a deterioration of the result is also possible.

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