I Have Changed My/A Major and/or Declared an Additional Major - How Do I Change My Major Code in my Classes?

You can enroll or drop additional major(s) at the Admissions Office during the admission period. You can check KUSSS under "Personal Information" to find the major(s) you are enrolled in. Course registration follows with your preferred major code and can be changed. Make sure you always set the major code (SKZ) for the grades you ultimately need.

Changing your study major code does not affect any examinations you are already registered for or previously awarded grades (such as preliminary or final grades). It is recommended to change your study major code before starting academic activity! If you have any questions, please contact the responsible institute.

During the Registration Period
You can change or adapt your major code in your classes by clicking the button located next to "Rangliste speichern".

During the Allocation Period
Students may not change study major codes.

After Course Allocation
Did you unintentionally register using the incorrect study major code or did your study major code change after the allocation date?

After courses have been allocated, you can go to "Meine-LVAs" and change your study major code (click on the icon next to SKZ), providing you meet all prerequisite requirements for that course under that particular study major code.

See also: "Where Do I Find Contact Information for Course Instructors / Responsible Institutes?"