How Can I Filter by Type of Course?

KUSSS allows you to filter courses according to course type.

1. Personal Information

After successfully logging into KUSSS, proceed to "Personal Information" in the menu to set the preferred course type. The setting will remain and apply the filter each time you log in.

2. Search for Courses

KUSSS allows you to apply a filter when searching for courses. You can search for a specific course and you can also search for certain types of courses (such as MuSSS courses, for example.)

3. Course Registration Screen

You can also use the filter on screen when registering for a course (when selecting a course via the course search function or through your curriculum) to help you see only the types of courses you want.

Special Multimedia Diploma Degree Program in Law (MMJUS)

The filter will be automatically set to "MMJUS" for students enrolled in the multimedia Diploma degree program in Law in order to display those courses specifically intended for MMJUS students.