What Can I Do if I Miss the (Main) Course Registration Period?

Once you have missed the course registration period, you will not be able to register for courses via KUSSS.
There may, however, still be opportunities to get into a class:

  • Once the main registration period has ended and courses have been allocated, some courses will have open spots available for a few days under "SOWI-Restplätze".
  • In addition, some courses have registration dates that vary from the main registration period. These course registration deadlines may be at a later date. See "KUSSS News" for a list of these classes.
  • In general, MuSSS courses are held in blocked sessions at the beginning, middle or end of the semester.
  • Course instructors are authorized to add students who have not registered in advance to his/her class. Students should attend the first class meeting and request to be added to the class. There is, however, NO guarantee to be added to a class.

Staff members at KUSSS Support Services are not authorized to add students to any class.

See also: "How Do I Register for Open Spots?"