How Do I Pay Fees For Fee-Based (Language) Courses in the MuSSS Online Shop?

1. In the online MUSSS Shop, opens an external URL in a new window, click on the link "LVAs und Materialien anzeigen".

2. The course list in KUSSS will show you all of the courses you have added to your cart.


3. You can buy course materials (textbooks/readers) for MuSSS and MuSSS O.C. courses in the MuSSS Online Shop. There are NO materials for language courses.


4. Click on "Continue". You do not have to indicate a preferred shipping method (delivery by the Austrian Post AG, pick-up at the Austrian Student Union shop, or pick-up at the JKU's copy office) and click on "Next". In the last step, you must agree to the "MuSSS Registration Terms and Conditions" and then click on "PAY".


5. At this point, you can pay the fee(s) either via EPS payment or using a valid credit card. So If your bank is not listed and you do not have a credit card, then you can select an alternative under the following link, opens an external URL in a new window.

6. After successfully paying for your courses, log back in to KUSSS and under "Meine LVAs" or "Meine Anmeldungen", verify that you have been successfully allocated to your course(s). In some cases it make take up to one hour before you see the courses in KUSSS. If you do not receive course allocation after one hour, please send an e-mail to immediately

Please Note

  • You can pay the fees for several courses at the same time. In order to do so, put the courses you want (as described above) in KUSSS beforehand and after you have put your course package together, proceed to the MuSSS Online Shop to render payment.
  • Please note that you have until the end of admissions and registration period to pay all fees in the online MUSSS Shop!