How Can I Drop/Withdraw from a Class?

During the (Main) Registration Period:
Before classes are allocated, you can remove yourself from the ranking list and drop the class.

After Course Allocation/Before the First Class Date
If you have been allocated to a class, you have until the first day of that class (the date stated in the system under course dates) to drop the class. In the KUSSS Study Room, go to "Meine Anmeldungen" to see an option allowing you to withdraw from the class.

After Course Allocation, After the First Class Date
Please contact the responsible institute or the course instructor. They can still drop you from the class (providing there is sufficient reason) without incurring any penalty or minus points.

Staff members at KUSSS Support Services are not authorized to drop students from any classes!

See also: Registration Regulations §10 (5) Add/Drop Classes