What Are Part-Time Bonus Points and How Are They Determined?

Part-time bonus points are based on class standing within a degree program, enabling priority class registration. They are determined as follows:

Limited to 10 ECTS Credits: Part-Time Bonus Points = 3
Limited to 20 ECTS Credits: Part-Time Bonus Points = 2
Limited to 30 ECTS Credits: Part-Time Bonus Points = 1
No Limit - Full-Time Studies: Part-Time Bonus Points = 0

Full-time studies are pre-set; changes can be made in KUSSS under "My Settings - Persoanl Data" or in your myJKU "Profil  - MyData". This is only possible when the course dates become available to the end of the respective main registration period. Declaring an additional major does not raise the maximum limit.

It is possible to register for courses and exceed the ECTS credit limit. Course, however, will only be allocated up to the maximum extent of the program. Direct allocation can exceed the amount of stated ECTS credits.

Please note: If additional courses allocations are to take place afterwards, all previous allocations will count!

Setting the extent of study is exclusively used for the allocation procedure.

See also: Allocation According to Priority Number