Leave of Absence from Studies.

Sometimes things don't always go as planned and you may find yourself having to take a short (or longer) leave of absence from your studies. If you find yourself in this position, you do not have to dis-enroll from the university; you can apply to take a leave of absence.

In accordance with § 67 of the 2002 Universities Act, students may apply for a leave of absence from studies for specific reasons. Students must enter the reasons for wishing to take a leave of absence directly on the form.




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Application for a leave of absence is possible if one of the following reasons applies (§ 67 (1) Universities Act):

  • compulsory military service, training service, or community service, or
  • longer periods of sickness which verifiable impedes the progress of studies, or
  • pregnancy, or
  • care of children or similar kinds of care, or
  • a voluntary year of social service, or
  • temporary hindrance from studies due to a disability.

Further reasons for an academic leave of absence (§ 41 (1) Statutes on Study Regulations for the JKU) are:

  • a temporary absence from the location of studies required due to gainful employment reasons, thereby interfering with successful completion of my studies,
  • a temporary absence from the location of studies due to accepting an internship position that is causally related to the degree program but in which no ECTS credits can be earned, thereby interfering with successful continuation of the degree program,
  • an occurrence of [other] unusual and unforeseen life circumstances resulting in temporarily being unable to continue the degree program as it is considered infeasible or unreasonable to do so.

For the summer semester 2023, the deadline to submit new applications for a leave of absence begins January 9 and ends March 1, 2023.

In the event of the unforeseen and unavoidable occurrence of a reason for academic leave according to § 1 subparas 2 to 4 and 6 of the Universities Act, it may be applied for even during the semester.
These reasons are:

  • longer periods of sickness
  • pregnancy
  • care of children or similar kinds of care
  • temporary impairment in connection with a disability

Approval for a leave of absence is valid to the end of the grace period (WS: 28.02., SS: 30.09.),

Approval and authorization for a student's leave of absence will be noted on the student’s record sheet.

During the student’s leave of absence, the student’s admission to studies is sustained however, students are not permitted to take any university courses, take examinations or transfer examination credit, or submit and/or receive a grade for academic papers (Statute § 41 Johannes Kepler University Linz)

Any academic achievements acquired up to the time of academic leave (in particular successfully completed courses and examinations) shall remain valid.

Students must pay the Austrian Student Union fee after the leave of absence has been officially approved, by 31.03. (SS) or 31.10. (WS) at the latest.

If you have to pay full tuition and apply for a leave of absence after 30.11. (WS) or 30.4. (SS) tuition fees can not be reimbursed.