The Student Platform "myJKU".

Sitting in a café and checking your grades? Conveniently looking for your classroom while on-the-go? Important information right at your fingertips: myJKU on your smartphone, tablet or laptop helps you better organize your studies!

myJKU has everything you need as a student - during the semester you can quickly access course information, grades, exams, personal documents, and quick links to use other websites and applications. The calendar gives you a well-organized overview of all of your upcoming dates and appointments related to your studies.


myJKU has a key advantage in that it's easy to use when on the move, meaning all of the content is displayed right on your smartphone or tablet in an attractive, easy-to-read format! Naturally, we are constantly improving the platform and the JKU Student Newsletter will provide you with any updated information in regard to any changes.

Why you should use myJKU now

  • All of the study-related information you need is displayed in a well-organized format.
  • You can access your courses, course dates, classroom location, and documents on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop.
  • You can always keep an eye on your progress during the semester and your ECTS credits.
  • You can get push notifications delivered directly to your smartphone/PC browser without being logged in. This means you are always up-to-date, getting information as soon as grades are available, if there are any schedule or class changes, university news, and much much more!

When do I use myJKU and when do I use KUSSS?

If, for example, you want to change core information, such as allocating courses to a particular major, or updating your e-mail address, please use KUSSS (Kepler University Study Support System). KUSSS is also better to register and/or drop/withdraw from courses and examinations.

myJKU will replace KUSSS as the new student platform in the intermediate term as myJKU offers more content and is more flexible to use. For now, you can still use KUSSS and choose between which of the two options you want to use.


myJKU - the Student Platform

The JKU's new and exciting platform to support your studies.

Help and Support Services

Instructions and answers to frequently asked questions is available here.
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