Non-Degree Seeking Students.

Do you need more time to earn your Matura diploma? Are you interested in a special course offered at the JKU but do not intend to earn a degree? Then you can enroll at the JKU as a 'non-degree seeking student' to attend individual courses.

For some people enrolling as a non-degree seeking student may be helpful or necessary in order to either attend university courses, complete mandatory supplementary examinations, or pass the university enrollment eligibility examination.

Prospective students who do not hold a secondary school-leaving certificate, for example, may enroll as non-degree seeking students in order to:

Students enrolled as non-degree seeking students cannot earn an academic degree.

Application for Non-Degree Seeking Students

1. Create an Applicant Account

During the account registration procedure, opens an external URL in a new window, you will register at the JKU for the first time and as an applicant to the university, you will receive a guest account. This account will allow you to continue the registration procedure.


Please note:

  • You will only need this account as a prospective applicant to register to enroll in a degree program until you have been successfully admitted to the university.
  • The applicant account does not permit you to log into JKU IT services (i.e. KUSSS). You may only log in to JKU IT services once you have been successfully admitted to the university and your degree program.

If you already have an applicant account, proceed directly to Step 2 "How Do I Choose a Degree Program?”

2. Select your degree program and submit an application for admission

Log in to your applicant account at JKU MyAdmission, opens an external URL in a new window and select the program you wish to enroll in.


During this step, we ask that you submit the following:

  • A recent portrait-size photo (JPEG) for your JKU Card (student ID card)


Please note:

  • You will be taking part in a statistical survey in accordance with § 18 Sec. 6 of the Education Documentation Act.
  • Submit the recent photo as a JPEG file, not in a read-only mode, and as a portrait size. Please select a passport photo in which you are clearly identifiable, preferably with a monochrome background.

To begin studies at the start of



Winter Semester

beginning of July

October 31

Summer Semester

beginning of January

March 31

Please ensure that all of your documents are in a PDF file format, complete (all pages), and legible.

  • Valid passport, ID card or driver's license in combination with your proof of nationality.
  • Confirmation of any name change, providing all documents do not contain the same name (i.e. a marriage certificate).

3. Complete Admission

Normally you must also appear in person at the JKU's Admissions Office within the admission period. You will be informed in writing whether you have to come in person or not.

4. Pay Student Union Fees and Tuition Fees (if applicable)


After successfully passing school-leaving examinations or the university enrollment eligibility examination within the admissions period for the corresponding semester, you may enroll as a degree-seeking student in order to actively pursue an academic degree. At the same time, you will be disenrolled as a non-degree seeking student.

For admission as a degree-seeking student to pursue an academic degree, you will need to show your school-leaving certificate (such as an Austrian "Matura" diploma) or show that you have successfully pass the university enrollment eligibility examination.