Preparation Courses.

Ideal for newly enrolled students in Engineering and Natural Sciences, Business Informatics, and Statistics.

Preparation courses provide a condensed review of material taught at higher levels schools in order to prepare students for initial university-level lectures. New students without previous knowledge in programming will learn basic programming in order to successfully take part in university-level courses.

Those who sign up for preparatory classes must be officially enrolled at the JKU. After being admitted to your major (and for any major requiring you to take the preparation courses), you can register for classes via KUSSS, opens an external URL in a new window (Kepler University Study Support System); preparation courses are free of charge.

Preparation Courses

Organization and Administration


Günter Sageder

Please note:

  • Course attendance is optional.
  • Courses are held in German unless specifed they are held in English.
  • As many students' prior academic education tends to vary, these preparation classes have been designed especially for newly enrolled students who wish to close gaps in certain subject areas, or for older students who have been out of school for a longer period of time.
  • Aside from the immersion course in mathematics, students cannot earn ECTS credits for preparation classes.

Overview of Preparation Courses

The JKU will offer the following preparation courses at the start of the 2022/2023 academic year:

Preparation Courses for Mathematics

A link to the course materials for Mathematics is located next to the course description.

Mathematics for students in all majors of engineering and natural sciences as well as Medical Engineering


Mathematics for students in all majors of engineering and natural sciences
as well as Statistics & Data Science


Mathematics for Artificial Intelligence


Mathematics for Business Informatics


Mathematics for Teacher Education Studies in Mathematics


Immersion Course - Mathematics for Electronics and Information Technology, Polymer Engineering, Mechatronics and Medical Engineering


Preparation Courses for Physics

Principles of Physics for Electrical Engineering/Mechanics for Electronics and Information Technology, Polymer Engineering Technologies, Mechatronics, and Medical Engineering


Physics Introduction Week for Teacher Education Studies in Physics, Fundamentals of Natural Sciences for Technology (NaSci-Tech), and Technical Physics

Intro Week

Preparation Courses for Programming

Practical Programming for all majors in engineering and natural sciences, Statistics & Data Science as well as Business Informatics


Preparation Course for Mechanical Engineering

Fundamentals in Mechanical Engineering for students in engineering or natural sciences, particularly Mechanical Engineering, Mechatronics, Polymer Technologies, or Medical Engineering