The JKU Card.

The JKU Card is a photo ID card officially identifying you as a student at the Johannes Kepler University Linz.

You can use a JKU Card Terminal / Service Point each semester to have a new expiration date printed on the card.

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Admission Office


Bank building, outside entrance (South, across from the parking lot)

E-Mail Address

Issuing a JKU Card

Your JKU Card will be issued by the Admissions Office once you have enrolled at the JKU.


Functions and Applications

The JKU Card is not only your student ID card (photo ID) - it can also be used as your:

Library ID Card

The library's printed inventory of over 1 million volumes and subscriptions to over 900 journals is available at several locations on campus as well as at the centrally located  Main Campus Library, at two faculty libraries, and at subject area libraries in different campus locations. A large part of the library's inventory is available in the Open Access area. You can check books out easily using your JKU Card.

Click here for detailed information.

Citizens Card (when activated) Copy Cards

Use your JKU Card at publicly accessible copy and scanning machines on campus. Click here for detailed information.

Austrian Student Union Cafeteria "Mensa" Discount

Students who have a monthly food budget of €170 or less can apply for the Austrian Student Union cafeteria "Mensa" discount. Click here, opens an external URL in a new window (German only) for detailed information about the discount and how to apply.

Park Card / Semester Parking Card

Students can purchase a park card for the semester at the Department of Facilities Management. The parking authorization will be booked on to your JKU Card. Parking for the semester costs € 130/semester and can be paid for in cash or by using your ATM bank card. When you place the chip of your JKU Card against the black reading field on the machine at the entrance to the parking lot, the barrier will open and you can enter and exit without any additional payment.

Click here for detailed information about parking at the JKU.

Service Point Kiosks / JKU Card Terminal

Use Service Point kiosks / JKU Card Terminals to print or extend your JKU Card's expiration date. They are located here:

Linz Bregenz
  • Center for Distance Learning Bregenz: (1 Service Point kiosk)
    Belruptstraße 10, 6900 Bregenz
  • Center for Distance Learning Villach: (1 Service Point kiosk)
    Fachhochschule Technikum Kärnten, Technologiepark Villach T01
    Europastraße 4, 9524 Villach/St. Magdalen
  • Upper Austria House at the Raiffeisenlandesbank (1 Service Point kiosk)
    Operngasse 2, 1010 Vienna