Students with Disabilities/Chronic Illness.

Access to Lecture Halls, Seminar Rooms, Institute Offices, Libraries:

  • All buildings are fully handicap accessible
  • All buildings have elevators (the rear wing of the Keplergebäude building has a stairlift) so that all floors are accessible
  • There is a key for the stairlift available at the department of Facilities Management

Access to the Science Park Buildings (I-III)

  • These buildings have revolving doors that could be a barrier for those who have disabilities. Disabled individuals can have their KeplerCard activated to be able to open the adjacent sliding door

Please contact the Department of Facilities Management to activate your card.

Access to Schloss Auhof

  • Office of the Rector, University Management Offices, Offices of the Vice-Rectors, Operations Management, and the JKU Legal Department are located on the first and second floors. Elevator access is available.

Institute for Integrated Studies


Johannes Kepler
University Linz
Altenberger Straße 69
A-4040 Linz / Austria


+43 732 2468 3750
Service and Support Center:
+43 732 2468 3757

Barrier-Free Restrooms

Barrier-free restrooms are located in the following buildings:

  • Kopfgebäude Building: Ground Floor, 1st and 2nd Floor
  • TN Tower: Ground Floor, 3rd Floor, 12th Floor
  • Hochschulfond Building: Ground Floor
  • Juridicum Building: Ground Floor
  • Keplergebäude Building: Ground Floor
  • Main Campus Library (Library / Learning Center): 1st Floor East Wing & 3rd Floor
  • Uni Center: Basement Level and Ground Floor
  • Schloss Auhof: Ground Floor
  • Science Park 1: Ground Floor, 1st to 5th Floor
  • Science Park 2: Ground Floor, 1st to 5th Floor
  • Science Park 3: Ground Floor, 1st to 6th Floor
  • Science Park 4: Ground Floor, 1st to 6th Floor 
  • Science Park 5: Ground Floor, 1st to 4th Floor
  • Crèche: Ground Floor
  • Kepler Hall: Basement
  • Physics Building: 1st and 2nd Floor
  • Bank Building: Ground Floor
  • Management Center: Ground Floor, 2nd Floor
  • LIT OIC: Basement


Campus Map of Barrier-Free Restrooms

Campusplan der JKU Linz mit Einzeichnung der barrierefreien WCs

JKU Campus Parking Lot

  • Disabled students who hold an ID card in accordance with § 29 b STVO can apply for a parking permit at the central administration office, Office of the University Director
  • This parking permit allows you to park in the campus parking lot for free
  • There is a special chip card available to activate the parking lot barrier. Show your parking permit at the Dept. of Facilities Management in order to get the chip card (deposit required)

If you encounter any barriers while on the JKU campus, please contact the Institute for Integrated Studies or the JKU's disability representatives.

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