Study and Work.

Work while you study and be able to balance both? While the thought might seem a bit overwhelming a first, it isn't impossible. The JKU Study & Work program in collaboration with industries and businesses in  Upper Austria can make it happen!

The Study & Work program gives you an opportunity to acquire real-world, hands-on work experience while you earn your academic degree. Your employer can work together with you to accommodate your class schedule. You also benefit from a personal mentor at the company! Someone who can help you get started in the professional world and answer any questions you many have.


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What does Study & Work mean?

You would work 5 to a maximum of 15 hours per week at a company. Your employer will give you a degree of flexibility so you can work while you pursue your academic degree. During the summer holidays, you will have an opportunity to work full-time for a one-month period.

A company mentor will be at your side to assist you, answer questions, and provide support while you complete your studies.

The Study & Work program not only provides insight into how things work in the real world, but you may even also be getting to know your future employer before you even finish your degree!

Apply to the Study & Work Program

  1. Select a job that best suits you.

  2. Send your application directly to the contact person listed at the company you are interested in working at, along with your academic transcripts and any documents as required by the company.

  3. The company will contact you and notify you as to whether or not you will be hired for the position.


  • You must be in the third semester of your program - or higher - and actively taking examinations.
  • You have successfully completed the StEOP requirements as outlined in your degree program's curriculum.
  • While taking part in the Study & Work program, we expect you to also successfully earn a minimum of 20 ECTS credits per semester.

Current Openings

Check out the openings below to find the right position that goes with your major.


Company Major Job Type of Position
Teufelberger Bachelor's or Master's program focusing on IT Young IT Professional max. 15 hrs/week
Raiffeisenlandesbank Upper Austria Business informatics, computer science, mathematics, statistics or bioinformatics, or a comparable academic background (IT-HTL) Reporting/Data Analyst 20 hrs/week
CopeX GmbH   Junior Web Developer Part-Time, by arrangement
CopeX GmbH   Junior Online Marketing Manager Part-Time, by arrangement

Linz Center of Mechatronics


Electronics Hardware Developer

Part-Time, by arrangement

Linz Center of Mechatronics


Developer for Electrical Drive Technology

Part-Time, by arrangement

Polytec Group

Business education, business & economics, business administration

Trainee HR Development

max. 15 hrs/week


Informatics, Business Informatics, Statistics and Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Science

Software Developer .NET

15 hrs/week


Related majors: Informatics, Business Informatics, Statistics and Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Science

Data Scientist

15 hrs/week

LeadEngine GmbH

AI, Business, Computer Science, Digital Business Management

Marketing Automation

Part-Time, by arrangement

LeadEngine GmbH AI, BWL, Computer Science, Digital Business Management, Economic and Business Analytic, Economics, Global Business, Internationale Betriebswirtschaft, Kulturwissenschaften, Management, Statistics, Statistik und Data Science, Wirtschaftswissenschaften Digital Marketing Part-Time, by arrangement
LeadEngine GmbH AI, Business, Computer Science, Digital Business Management, Economics and Business Analytics, Economics, Global Business, International Business, Cultural Studies, Management, Statistics, Statistics and Data Science, Business Internal Sales Team (Phone) Part-Time, by arrangement


Junior Software Engineer

15 hrs/week

Business informatics (or a comparable major)


Information Management – Support IT Program Management

15 hrs/week
ENGEL Informatics, Business Informatics, Computer Science

.Net/C# Developer

15 - 20 hrs/week

Business Informatics, Computer Science, Economics with related specialization, Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, Mechatronics

Full Stack Developer

15 - 20 hrs/week

Business, Computer Science, Digital Business Management, Economics, Economics and Business Analytics, Informatics, International Business, Statistics and Data Science, Business Informatics, Business

Content Manager

15 - 20 hrs/week
EY Austria (Ernst & Young)

Business, International Business, Business Law, Economic and Business Analytics, Finance and Accounting, Tax Law & Tax Management

Study & Work at EY: Tax Consulting

15 - 20 hrs/week
Wacker Neuson

Computer Science, Digital Business Management, Economics and Business Analytics, Informatics, Business Informatics, Artificial Intelligence

Corporate IT 15 - 20 hrs/week
Wacker Neuson

Mechatronics, Electronics and Information Technology, Mechanical Engineering, Informatics

Development Engineer Electrics/Electronics for Construction Machinery 15 - 20 hrs/week
Wacker Neuson

Mechatronics, Electronics and Information Technology, Informatics, Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence

Embedded Software Engineer 15 - 20 hrs/week


Company Information

Is the ongoing shortage of skilled labor driving you to invest vast resources in employer branding? Are you competing with other companies to acquire young talent? Are headhunters devouring your HR budget?

Invest in a program to recruit young talent early on by supporting the JKU's Study & Work program!  At just minimal cost to you, you can attract students to your company at an early stage while simultaneously supporting high-potential students as they complete their academic degrees.



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Terms and Conditions

JKU Services

  • Create a company profile
  • Includes two job advertisements per year
  • Job listing on the: landing page
  • Collective advertising of the Study & Work program on a semi-annual basis at the start of the semester in the JKU student newsletter, all JKU social media channels, in the JKU's news section on the homepage, and on the screen in front of HS 1 (display of open positions)
  • Advertising new job positions in the "Study & Work" section in the student newsletter
  • Annual coordination meeting with the company
  • Administration and scholarship application/payment to students and regular review of the student's GPA

Company Services

  • Hire a student for a minimum of 5, to a maximum of 15 hours, per week under standard market conditions
  • Designate a mentor to serve as the student's direct contact partner as well as to help the student schedule work hours with classes, learn more about the company goals and objectives, and ensure the student can earn a minimum of 20 ECTS credits during the semester. The mentor should not be the student's direct supervisor.
  • Each semester, the company will work with the student to create a flexible work schedule that allows the student to work and attend classes. The hours will have to be reviewed each semester as class schedules change each semester.
  • The JKU expects participating companies to support students while they complete their degree programs. Students are required to submit a certificate of academic success (20 ECTS credits/semester) to the company each semester.
  • The JKU will charge an administrative fee to list job openings.
  • Students will apply directly to the company. The decision on whether to hire the student or not is the company's decision.