The JKU Young Researchers' Award

The JKU is committed to recognizing and honoring outstanding academic and scientific accomplishments.

The Johannes Kepler University Linz created the JKU Young Researchers' Award in support of outstanding academic and scientific accomplishments to honor doctoral candidates as well as graduate students at the JKU Faculty of Medicine.


Current Call

Click here, opens an external URL in a new window to submit nominations by March 18, 2022.

The Vice-Rectorate for Research, Gender and Diversity will notifiy the winners.

The JKU Young Researchers' Award will be presented during an awards ceremony at the JKU on June 28, 2022, beginning at 5:00 PM.


Nominations are open to:

  • All students enrolled in a doctorate degree program at the JKU or a Master's degree program at the JKU Faculty of Medicine at the time the call for nominations is announced
  • Former students who were enrolled a doctorate degree program at the JKU or a Master's degree program at the JKU Faculty of Medicine (up to a maximum of 2 years after completing a doctorate / Master's degree in medicine at the time the call for nominations is announced, unless he/she has already received a different JKU award)

The nomination may be submitted by:

  • Professors - or those holding a post-doc/[habilitation] degree - employed at the JKU (first supervisor, second supervisor, others who hold a post-doc/[habilitation] degree; in this case, however, the nomination should be associated with the nominee’s original department or academic/scientific work to be submitted
  • Please use the forms available at: (log in using your AK number and password)
  • Only nominations submitted in a full and complete manner will be considered

Nomination criteria:

  • The individual must be nominated ("most contributing author"); not the academic/scientific paper
  • The focus is on outstanding scholarly work (completed dissertations or Master's degree thesis, accepted journal and book articles, or monographs)
  • An unused number of awards (for a department) may be presented within the faculty
  • The nomination criteria details are determined by the individual departments/deans' offices at the Faculty of Law or the Faculty of Medicine as well as the ranking. The ranking made by the departments/deans' offices will be forwarded via the deans' offices to the Vice-Rector for Research, Gender & Diversity. The Rectorate will render the final decision.


List of 2020 Award Recipients


Name Subject Area Supervisor
Ranjana Andrea Achleitner European Law Franz Leidenmühler
Lisa Mayer Labor Law Reinhard Resch
Dominic Gerstberger Civil Law Andreas Geroldinger
Julius Ecker Environmental Law / Civil Law Erika Wagner


Business Administration / Business Informatics

Name Subject Area Supervisor
Manuel Mühlburger Business Informatics Stefan Koch
Johannes Slacik Management Accounting Dorothea Greiling
Benjamin Schiemer Business Administration Elke Schüßler


Education and Psychology

Name Subject Area Supervisor
Lennart Freyth de Polo León Personality and Media Psychology Bernad Batinic


Social Sciences and Cultural Sciences

Name Subject Area Supervisor
Nele Dittmar Sociology Susanne Pernicka
Thilo Neidhöfer Modern / Contemporary History Marcus Gräser



Name Subject Area Supervisor
Katrin Zocher Economics (Health Economics) Gerald Pruckner


Chemistry and Polymer Engineering

Name Subject Area Supervisor
Javier Perez Quinones Polymer Chemistry Oliver Brüggemann
Sabrina Gonglach Organic Chemistry Wolfgang Schöfberger
Andreas Eitzinger Organic Chemistry Mario Waser
Armin Sebastian Guntner Analytical Chemistry Wolfgang Buchberger
Petr Rathner Chemistry / Biochemistry Norbert Müller


Computer Sciences

Name Subject Area Supervisor
David Schedl Computer Graphics Oliver Bimber
Kevin Verma Informatics Robert Wille
Daniela Kaufmann Informatics Armin Biere
David Leopoldseder Dynamic compiler optimization Hanspeter Mössenböck



Name Subject Area Supervisor
Irene Tubikanec Mathematics Evelyn Buckwar
Nicolas Smoot Mathematics Peter Paule
Nora Engleitner Mathematics Bert Jüttler



Name Subject Area Supervisor
Dominik Kaserer Mechatronics, Robotics Andreas Müller
Gerald Pühringer Optical sensor technology, integrated optics Bernhard Jakoby
Silvester Sadjina Electronics and Information Technology Harald Pretl
Alija Vila Fluid Mechanics Stefan Pirker



Name Subject Area Supervisor
Santa Pile Physics, experimental physics, magnetism Andreas Ney
Ali Saitov Biophysics Peter Pohl
Melanie Baumgartner Biodegradable soft robotics / electronics Martin Kaltenbrunner



Name Subject Area Supervisor
Katharina Söntgerath Neurology, Neuro-oncology Markus Hutterer
Madeleine Kagerer Dermatology Wolfram Hötzenecker
Alexander Nikoloudis Internal Medicine Johannes Clausen


Gallery of 2020 Award Recipients

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