Academic Credit for Volunteer Work.

United in Strength: Academic Credit for Volunteer Work in Response to the Pandemic

Now more than ever before, community and social service is valuable and indispensable, particularly in lieu of the pandemic: We can only overcome this crises by pulling together. However, even before the pandemic, the JKU took steps to recognize volunteer work, giving students up to 4 ECTS credits for volunteer work in emergency rescue and firefighting services. A new program, "Volunteer Service SARS-CoV-2", was introduced last Summer Semester. For the time being, the course will not be offered during the 2022/2023 Winter Semester!


Academic Credit for Volunteer Work in the Fight Against Covid-19

If you have questions, send an e-mail to: vizerektor-lehre(at)
Please include "Volunteer SARS-CoV-2/Ehrenamt SARS-CoV-2" in the subject line.

If you are working at a corresponding organization (whether it be a hospital, government or public office/agency, or the Red Cross) to help assist in response to the pandemic, you can earn 1 ECTS credit for each 20 hours of verified service (maximum 5 ECTS credits).


Requirements to Earn Academic Credit

You can earn academic credit under the "Ehrenamt SARS-CoV-2 / Honorary SARS-CoV-2" program the corresponding organization provides confirmation during the 2022 Summer Semester (beginning of March 2022 to the end of September 2023). The letter of confirmation must include:


• letterhead by the issuing organization
• the student's name and student ID number
• a description of the services provided
• the period in which services were carried out
• the extent of services provided in hours
• a stamp and signature by an authorized representative at the organization

Once service is completed, those volunteering at the Red Cross of Upper Austria or at the Kepler University Hospital can obtain a letter of confirmation at either the Red Cross or at the Kepler University Hospital.

Some examples of potential organizations

  • Red Cross of Upper Austria
    • In accordance with calls published by the JKU and the Red Cross of Upper Austria, services include, among other things, answering the 1450 hotline or conducting Covid tests.
  • Involvment at Hospitals, i.e. the Kepler University Hospital
    • Being involved in administrative activities, i.e. administration at river locks (conducting standardized questioning), issuing protective equipment, conducting contact tracing for confirmed cases, etc. If suitably qualified (i.e., close to finishing a medical degree), your service could also count for credits in patient care.
  • Government Agencies, Public Authorities, etc.
    • Involvement with federal, state, or local government agencies including contact tracing for confirmed cases, in particular.
  • Team Österreich
    • Team Österreich is involved in, for example, assisting with the AGES Corona information hotline, shopping for those in risk groups or those in quarantine, etc.
  • Caritas "Team Nächstenliebe"
    • Services at the charity organization Caritas includes neighborhood assistance as well as shopping for those unable to (i.e. in Upper Austria: LandesFreiwilligenzentrum OÖ, Nachbarschaftshilfe Linz).
  • Medical Students vs. COVID19
    • Medical students who provide support services at healthcare facilities.


To submit the letter of confirmation, please enroll in the corresponding Moodle course (see link below).

Upload the letter of confirmation as part of this course. Once all of the requirements have been fulfilled, you will be added to the course in KUSSS and will receive the respective academic credit.