Scavenger Hunt.

Do you know about the "Edible Hedge" on the JKU Campus? What do Austrian Schnapskarten and the JKU have in common? We can tell you this much: It's all about sustainability!

The JKU Scavenger Hunt not only gives you a new perspective of the campus, you will also see just how much your university is committed to sustainability!


Herb Garden - Mint

Mint is for more than just mojitos!

Behind the parking lot - between the parking lot barriers and Science Park 2 - there is a planted embankment that doubles as a herb garden. There are many varieties of mint and bushes decorating this area annually around the Aubrunnerweg neighborhood.

First mentioned in the writings of the ancient Greeks, mint (Mentha) stems from the labiate family (Lamiaceae). Most of the 20 to more than 30 species are native to temperate regions of the northern hemisphere and was used for medical purposes as well as to provide a pleasant scent the room. One can also assume that people in Asia knew about the herb's healing power even earlier. Enjoy the JKU Mint. By the way, there is another station "to have a nibble" on campus.

Herb Garden


Parking Lot Science Park 2


88PC+6W Linz

Edible Hedge

Tasty hedges!

An edible hedge is located on the north side of the campus behind the Kepler Building featuring various berry bushes. Get to the hedge by walking up the left-side steps of the Kepler Building, towards the green area.

"Edible Hedges" is an initiative by the city of Linz and some are located right on the JKU campus. The hedges provide students, university employees and, of course, also campus visitors with a colorful selection of berries such as raspberries, red and white currants, black currants, gooseberries and blackberries. The plants are, of course, good for the insect population, too.

Naschhecke am JKU Campus

Edible Hedge


Keplergebäude Bldg.


88Q9+C9 Linz

Pinus Hain

Homegrown Red Pines - Asian Flair Bred in Austria

The Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris), also known as the Baltic pine, Norway pine or Mongolian pine, is native to this country. The Scots pine grove architecturally completes the newly built Kepler Hall located on the JKU campus and is a plant with native red pines. The seating areas in the "pine forest" are perfect for kicking back to watch the hustle and bustle on campus.

The Scots pines are uniquely shaped as they are being grown as bonsais. The freshly planted trees will not be trimmed over the next two years so that they can grow carefree and the roots can anchor well into the soil.

Pinus Hain vor der Kepler Hall

Pinus Hain


Kepler Hall


88PC+C6 Linz

The Tall Oaks

What do the JKU Linz and Austrian 'Schnapskarten' have in common?

...they both have acorns! The three tall oaks located in front of the Management Center building on the JKU campus are an ideal example of the way architectural design can include natural elements. These three very old, highly valuable oak trees have been a part of the architectural design and have remained undamaged over the years. The largest of the three oak trees is 30 meters in height and has a circumference of 281 cm. The large oak can grow to be around 20 to 40 meters high and boast a trunk circumference of up to three meters. If free standing, it can grow up to 8 meters. The trees are can grow to be 500 to 1000 years old - and in some cases, up to 1400 years old.

Our Tip: Take about 5 minutes to just sit down and take in the tall oaks. This area is particularly beautiful and colorful in the fall and the acorns can be used to create the perfect fall decorations! :-)

Eiche beim Managementzentrum

Tall Oaks


Management Center


88P9+M7 Linz

TIM - Mobility Hub

E-Car Sharing & Rental Cars at the JKU

JKU employees and students can now make it to their appointments quickly and be mobile in a more environmentally friendly way. Offering these kinds of services at a university is almost mandatory in a way, especially during these times of increasing climate change. TIM rental car locations are centrally located mobility 'hotspots' in Linz. Whether it's e-car sharing, renting a car, or discount rates using the Anruf-Sammel-Taxi (AST), TIM gives you the option to be flexible and mobile in a sustainable way without having to own your own car! TIM locations are easily accessible by public transportation or by bike. If you own an e-car, you can also charge it at one of the public charging stations located directly at or near a TIM location.

By the way, TIM stands for täglich.intelligent.mobil. Click here for detailed information about how to use these services, opens an external URL in a new window.

TIM Mobilitätsknoten am JKU Campus

TIM E-Car-Sharing


Haupteingang JKU Campus


88PC+53 Linz