Study Medicine at the JKU!

Anyone who chooses to study medicine is a person who knows what he/she wants. The calling is to heal people. You carry responsibility for others right from the start of your studies. Your education is determined by what you want to do later on as a medical doctor.

We have the unique opportunity in Linz to re-think medical education. It starts with a unique Bachelor-Master degree in medicine that is unique in Austria and includes an unparalleled, hands-on educational program that offers a new type of degree in medicine. Newly appointed professors at the new Medical University are now in office and plans to construct new buildings dedicated to research and teaching are finished. Over 400 researchers and educators are ready to provide you with the medical expertise and skills you need to not only engage in the health care system, but to actively take part and shape the future.

When You Study Medicine in Linz ...

  • You say yes to a cutting-edge educational program of the highest standards.
  • You say no to the masses! This year, 60 students have been accepted to the program in Linz and, together with 120 returning students from Graz to Linz during the 5th semester, you will benefit from the over 400 employees who are currently involved in teaching and research.
  • You complete your clinical training at Austria's second largest hospital.
  • You acquire medical expertise in 12 semesters as part of a program that adheres to international standards.
  • You graduate with the academic degree title "Dr. univ. med".
  • You experience studying at two different universities: the basic education program at the Medical University of Graz and the clinical part of studies at the Faculty of Medicine in Linz.
  • You discover three other faculites that enrich your studies with exciting disciplines and learn how to think outside of the box.

Academic Degree Program

Bachelor Degree Program

Bachelor's Degree in Medical Engineering New beg. 2019/ 2020!

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Master Degree Program

KUK - Kepler University Hospital

The new Kepler University Hospital is Austria's second largest hospital. Our highly-qualified physicians look forward to sharing their hands-on, real-world medical expertise. Medical students quickly come into direct contact with patients, learn to work using sound scientifically-based methods, and acquire skills that let them think outside of the box. Terms such as medical technology, health economics, medical ethics, and medical law are not foreign concepts to future medical professionals educated in Linz.

„Knowing that I can pursue my dream job once I finish medical school is what keeps me going!“
Amadeus Hauser
Graduate Student in Human Medicine