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The JKU is the only university in Austria that offers the entire spectrum of studies in social sciences!

That is quite a few, and that is why we have a lot of space here: Space to address scientific questions and issues, space for procedures and technologies, for methods and measurements, calculations and interpretations, space to observe, conduct surveys and documentation, space for differences and common ground, space for politics, for analysis and for science, for culture, communication, media, journalism and advertising. In short: Space for each other, to each other, and with each other.


Academic Degree Programs

Bachelor's Degree Programs

Bachelor's Degree in Cultural Studies* Studies expected to begin WS 2019

Master's Degree Programs

Master's Degree in Comparative Social Policy and Welfare

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Master's Degree in Web Sciences Admission is currently closed until further notice (last updated: 2017W)

Doctorate Degree Program

Doctorate in Social Sciences, Economics & Business

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Doctorate Degree in Humanities and Cultural Studies

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„The degree program in Social Economics combines social studies with studies in socio-political topics, sociology, and business. This makes the program particularly interesting and opens the door to numerous career paths.“
Anna Wiespointner
Bachelor's Degree Program in Social Economics