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Semester Schedule for Summer Semester 2022

To help you get off to a good start, we have put together first-semester, third-semester and fifth-semester course schedules for Summer Semester 2022. These schedules are only a recommendation and can be adjusted to your personal schedule. Please find live streams to Vienna/Bregenz marked with a violet colored upper left corner.


Types of Courses

The program contains the following types of courses:

Abbreviations Description
KV (Kombinierte Lehrveranstaltungen) Combined Course
VL (Vorlesung) Lecture
UE (Übung) Exercises
TU (Tutorium) Tutorial


Remote Learning

In order to complete the AI program, students will be required to come to Linz in person at least once in order to officially enroll in the degree program. Some courses will require in-person attendance either in Linz, Bregenz or Vienna.
Students are required to be physically present to take examinations either in Linz, Bregenz or in Vienna. Examinations take place during the course of the entire semester. The curriculum has been designed for students residing in close proximity to Linz, Bregenz or Vienna. 

Many courses in the AI program are offered at the JKU's satellite campus in Vienna and Bregenz as either a live stream or as a video conference.

Course Information

Courses are usually offered only once per year. Starting the study program in a Summer Semester is possible. However, it will require adaption of the course of study compared to the suggested global map of study subjects which is designed for starting in Winter Semester.

Area of Specialization

Students can choose their Area of Specialization courses from the list in the study guide freely, i.e. from different sections. The section headlines “Computer and Data Science”, “Mathematics”, “Mechatronics”, “Live Sciences”, “Special Topics”, and “Miscellaneous” in the study guide exist merely for readability.

Seminar and Practical Work

“Seminar in AI” (3 ECTS, 4th semester, Summer terms) and the “Practical Work in AI” (7.5 ECTS, 5th semester, Winter terms) should prepare the students for their Bachelor’s thesis (6th semester, Summer terms), although they are allowed to switch their subject again if they want. Teachers should offer these courses if they would like to supervise Bachelor students. The courses offered by different institutes will appear as different “group options” for the students in Kusss.
The Bachelor Thesis itself is formally supervised via the “Bachelor’s Thesis Seminar in AI” (9 ECTS, 6th semester, Summer terms). This course, however, is in fact offered in every term, to allow students to finish their Bachelor’s also in a Winter term.

Mentoring Program Procedure

At the beginning of October, tutor groups of first-semester students are formed during the first lecture in "KV : Lecture Series Artificial Intelligence". The tutors (higher-semester AI students) show the first-year students around the university, help them choose the right courses and give practical tips on lectures, exercises and practicals. The social aspect is not neglected either, so it is not difficult to make friends in the first few weeks with whom you can solve study problems together. Often, these friendships last throughout your studies and beyond.

Each tutorial group is assigned a mentor from among the AI professors. As soon as the tutor groups have established themselves, they visit their mentors together, who supervise the students individually during the first semester. All questions about the course of study may be addressed during these visits. Any problems that arise are solved quickly and unbureaucratically.


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