Bachelor's Degree in Business & Economics.

Why do women earn less but pay more at the hair salon? Why is Nigeria a poor country and Botswana a rich one? Understanding economies requires an understanding of economics, business, administration, and psychology. The Bachelor’s degree program in Business & Economics provides an opportunity to learn about all of this and more.

Business and the environment, e-business, trade wars, healthcare systems. The Bachelor's degree program in Business & Economics (WiWi) has been designed to provide you with comprehensive education about how the economy works. Economic sciences not only consist of studies in economics and business administration, psychology and data analysis also play important roles in studying business and economics at the JKU!

When it comes to a globally connected world, one thing impacts the other. You will learn to sketch the larger, global picture, understand correlations, develop solution skills, and correctly apply data analyses.


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Key Facts


Bachelor of Science (BSc)


6 Semesters


180 Credits


German (Level C1)





Why This Degree is Particularly Attractive

  • Three areas of specialization: In addition to a broad education in economic sciences, starting at the undergraduate level you can select a major: Economics, Economics & Business, or Economics and Psychology.
  • Unique in Austria: The JKU’s academic degree program in Business & Economics includes a strong focus on economics and psychology, including the study of economic analyses with a psychological perspective.
  • Data - Oil of the 21st century. You are educated in one of the most important areas of the future, getting a needs-based and job-oriented education in data analysis methods.

Program Structure

The Bachelor's degree program Business & Economics is comprised of the following areas *:

* Subject to change

Program Details

If you would like to learn more about the Bachelor's degree program in Business & Economics, we recommend taking a look at the curriculum. We have also summarized some of the program details separately, such as the requirements to complete the Bachelor's degree program under the 2009 curriculum or transfer to complete the program under the requirements of the new curriculum.

Areas of Specialization

Your introduction to economic sciences includes perspectives in psychology and learning about the importance of conducting sound information analyses:

  • Business Psychology: You learn to understand, interpret and predict human behavior
  • Economic behavior in organizations: You focus on what kinds of problems organizations/companies face in the areas of human resource management, strategy, and in management and how they solve them.
  • Digital economy and market behavior: The digital economy means more monopolies and changed market conditions. You focus on the resulting challenges and consequences for market outcomes.
  • Public finance, health and environmental economics: Environmental and healthcare issues pose enormous social challenges. You explore, for example, if and how taxes or regulations can help.
  • Macroeconomics and International Business: You learn to understand international economic interactions such as, for example, why some countries are rich and others are poor.
  • Data Analysis and Statistics: You learn to apply tools in econometrics to analyze economic and social relationships.
  • You can choose from among all minors in the JKU Bachelor's degree program in Business Administration combined with courses in other social science areas.

Video about the Program

What You Will Learn in the Program

  • You acquire analytical skills and learn to understand and consider business and economic processes from different perspectives. You learn about how everything interrelates as well as the importance of correctly analyzing and interpreting data.
  • Graduates have the ability to analyze new tasks as well as develop and implement proposed solutions.
  • You will learn how to evaluate projects scientifically and better understand economic policy debates.

Did you know...?

"SHARE" (Survey on Health, Ageing and Retirement) is the EU's largest socio-economic project and is conducted at the JKU Linz.

Linz is the Austrian center for Applied Economic Research - with outstanding access to economic and social data.

JKU Podcast for Prospective Students

This degree program combines economics, business administration, finance, psychology and data analysis. This podcast episode features Nadine talking about why she chose this particular Bachelor's degree program despite having completed an educational program as a kindergarten teacher. Also, Fabian talks about why he decided to study business administration instead of becoming a pilot. Please note the podcast is in German only. Enjoy!


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Would you like to learn more?

Click here for detailed information about "Lecture Hall Insights - The JKU Student Podcast".

Your Career Prospects

The Bachelor's degree program in Business & Economics prepares you for a wide range of applications in countless areas of business.

  • Management Consulting, Strategic Management: You prepare analyses and concepts, conduct statistical work, and work on growth, sales, and internationalization strategies designed to advance a company.
  • Financial Management: You work for banks or insurance companies, prepare financial market analyses, work in risk management, prepare credit and credit assessments or work in conducting financial research.
  • Public Sector, International Organizations, NPOs: You analyze economic policy measures and make forecasts in these areas.
  • Academic and Economic Research: Conduct research in a personally selected area of business that interests you!
  • Market Analysis, Opinion Research: You create qualitative or quantitative surveys and interpret the findings so you can better understand consumer behavior and current trends.
  • Data Analyst: You work, for example, at the headquarters of a supermarket chain where you analyze customer behavior data in order to optimize price schemes, brand positioning and proliferation.

The JKU Alumni Podcast

JKU alumnus Michael Pötscher, managing director of Craftvoll GmbH, is the driving force behind the recently re-opened "Linzer Brauerei" in the old tobacco factory in Linz. Listen in as Michael talks about when he came up with the idea of reviving the old Linz beer brand. Was it during his business studies at the JKU? Please note the podcast is in German only. Have fun and enjoy!


The JKU Alumni Podcast Series
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„The economy is not just about cost accounting and budget deficits! The Bachelor's degree program in Business & Economics gives you an opportunity to understand economic complexities and analyze various dimensions of human behavior.“
Univ. Prof. Dr. Rudolf Winter-Ebmer
Rudolf Winter-Ebmer

Admission to Studies

Admission Requirements

In order to be admitted to the Bachelor's degree program, you must fulfill the following requirements.

  • Hold general higher education entrance qualifications (such as an Austrian "Matura" diploma)
  • If your first language is not German, you will be required to submit proof of language proficiency in German, Level C1.

Please note:

  • You can get academic credit for certain courses taken at school, such as bookkeeping and cost accounting. Please contact the Office of Examinations and Recognition Services at the JKU. Click here for detailed information.

Still have questions?

Then contact us!


Admissions Office


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Frequently Asked Questions

Academic studies in economic sciences focus on a broad range or business subjects: Economics, business administration, finance, psychology and data analysis. You study business problems from an economic and psychological perspective.

The Bachelor's degree program in Business Administration focuses on business management skills and business activities and provides a basic understanding of data analysis as well as an introduction to digitization.

The curriculum for the Bachelor's degree program in Business & Economics contains an introduction to data analysis and students will be trained in these applications. Students wishing to acquire a more solid basis and comprehensive education in Data Sciences should consider enrolling in the Bachelor's degree program in Statistics and Data Science.

If you want to understand just how markets work, develop a critical view, and learn to think in an analytical/quantitative way (such as, what is the most important thing about this question?) - then you have come to the right place.

Still Have Questions?

Do you need help registering or do you have questions about the program? Contact the JKU's Office of Student Information and Academic Advising (SIBS)!

Program Management

If you have any questions about the Bachelor's degree program Business & Economics in terms of content or the curriculum, or if you are experiencing any difficulties with the transition regulations, please do not hesitate to contact us. We can assist you individually on-site or during a virtual consultation. Kindly make an appointment in advance.

Tamara Kriechbaum, MSc BSc
Keplergebäude Bldg., 1st floor, Rm. 158D
+43 732 2468 7388



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