Business & Economics

The Bachelor's degree program in Business & Economics at the JKU is an interdisciplinary, base-knowledge academic degree program providing students with an extensive business education to acquire and hone methodological, social, and critical thinking skills as well as understand intercultural and ethical aspects of business. Students are also encouraged to be creative and innovative. In addition to acquiring a broad base in the field of Business Administration, you can select areas of specialization by choosing the electives you wish to take (such as sociology, social policy, etc.), thereby strengthening your theoretical background.

Your Benefits

  • Broad, interdisciplinary base-knowledge education
  • Deepen your understanding of business correlations in the respective cultural and intercultural context
  • Acquire effective communication skills and learn how to be part of a team
  • Numerous opportunities to specialize


Bachelor's Degree in
Business & Economics


Bachelor of Science (BSc)


6 Semesters


180 Credits



Program Objectives, Job Opportunities, Career Prospects


The Bachelor's degree program in Business and Economics has been designed to prepare and train students for professions that require the scientific application of business education and methods. Program graduates will be able to analyze new tasks and identify problems as well as learn how to develop and apply solution-oriented methods. During studies, you will have opportunities to select areas of specialization and hone your skills according to personal interests. After completing your Bachelor's degree, you can pursue a variety of professions in many different areas. Or you can pursue an advanced degree at the JKU.


Program graduates can be found in a variety of management positions in the areas of production, trade or service companies, public administration, cultural management and in research at public or private universities. Depending on the chosen fields of specializations and personal interests, graduates pursue occupations in many different fields:

  • Controlling, (international) Accounting and Taxes
  • Finance
  • Human Resource Management and Organizational Behavior
  • Public Administration and Non-Profit Organizations
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Production und Logistics
  • International und National Management
  • Environmental, Resources and Quality Management


After completing your undergraduate degree, you can continue your education by pursuing an advanced degree:

* Admission is suspended until further notice. (Last update: 2017W)

Recommended Study Plan

The Bachelor's degree program in Business & Economics is six semesters and 180 ECTS credits.

As students have many options to specialize and choose elective areas, there is no recommended study plan. ECTS credits are divided into the following subjects and successfully completing the requirements:

Required Subjects 75
Electives 90
Bachelor's Thesis 6
Autonomous Coursework 9
ECTS Credits (Total: 180) 180

Additional Information

Sections of the program can be completed online via the MuSSS (Multimedia Studies Services SOWI) program.

There are many options to specialize, including: Business & Economics, International Business, Economics, Business Engineering and Logistics Management, e-Business Management and Communications Systems, Management and Applied Economics

Admission Requirements

  • General higher education entrance qualifications (such as an Austrian “Matura” diploma)
  • After the 2019/2020 academic year, prospective students will be required to complete the admissions procedure!

Contact the Admissions Office for additional information about the admission requirements.

Still Have Questions?

Do you need help registering or do you have questions about the program? Contact the JKU's Office of Student Information and Academic Advising (SIBS)!