Bachelor's Degree in Chemistry and Chemical Technology.

The Bachelor’s degree program in Chemistry and Chemical Technology (former Chemistry) has been designed for students who wish to pursue vocational education as a chemist and for those who have a keen interest in engineering and natural sciences.

The program includes a broad spectrum of specialized courses in various areas of chemistry, chemical technologies, and process engineering, thereby providing a sound basis for students who intend to enroll in a Master’s degree program or pursue a profession at chemical and technology-oriented institutions and facilities.


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Key Facts


Bachelor of Science (BSc)


6 Semesters


180 Credits


English (Level B2)

Your Benefits

  • Acquire broad specialist training in all areas of chemistry
  • Combine theory and real-world practices
  • Learn how be part of a team
  • Excellent infrastructure
  • Outstanding career prospects

Program Objectives, Job Opportunities, Career Prospects

The Bachelor’s degree program is largely based on principles of research-based learning and research-led teaching. In addition to acquiring a strong base-knowledge understanding of technical chemistry, the program strongly emphasizes the skills required to successfully address and solve problems. As teamwork is a large part of the program, students work together in small groups, learning how to evaluate and solve theoretical and real-world problems, as well as how to interpret and analyze measured values.

The curriculum for the Chemistry program includes a combination of subfields, providing students with insight into a wide range of professions. Graduates are highly sought after and after successfully completing studies, graduates can pursue a variety of careers, including:

  • Research and development at research institutions, at chemical companies (petrochemical, food, paper & pulp industries, etc.), or related sectors (pharmaceutical industry, biotechnology, metallurgy, energy technology, etc.)
  • Production in the chemical industry field or related sectors
  • Chemical quality control
  • Field expert (such as for government commissions, agencies, and public authorities in the areas of environmental, employer, and consumer protection or occupational safety)

Recommended Study Plan

As part of the Bachelor’s degree program, students are required to complete courses totaling 180 ECTS credits in the following areas:

General and Inorganic Chemistry x x       x
Analytical Chemistry x x x   x  
Mathematics and Fundamentals in Science x x       x
General Skills x   x   x x
Organic and Polymer Chemistry x x x x x  
Physical Chemistry   x x x    

Chemical Technology and Process Engineering

    x x x x

Free Electives

      x   x

Bachelor's Thesis


Additional Information

Newly enrolled students can take revision courses before beginning studies:


  • JKU Young Polymer Scientists: A unique, comprehensive educational program designed to provide gifted high-school students with an opportunity to take part in workshops during the school year and learn more about the fields of chemistry and polymer engineering.
  • Mentoring-Programm: JKU faculty members meet with newly enrolled students in small groups and provide tips and advice pertaining to studies.
  • Additional information about the program is available in the following YouTube video, a recording from the 2021 JKU Open Days *Online:

Admission Requirements

  • General higher education entrance qualifications (such as an Austrian “Matura” diploma)

Contact the Admissions Office for additional information about the admission requirements.

Still Have Questions?

Do you need help registering or do you have questions about the program? Contact the JKU's Office of Student Information and Academic Advising (SIBS)!


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