Bachelor's Degree in Law.

Are terms such as Legal Technology, Procedural Justice, Digital Government. Become a legal expert for a new generation with the first Bachelor’s degree in Law as part of the Bachelor's/Master's system at the JKU.

Do you enjoy debating, diving into topics and creating solutions to problems? Do you dream of becoming an attorney, judge or legal expert at an artificial intelligence (AI) company? This undergraduate pilot degree program at the JKU gives you a new, modern way to reach your dreams.

As part of this unique law degree program, we will be by your side as we guide you through the program in a group of a maximum of 60 students. We will focus on digital law, your methodological skills, your interdisciplinary reasoning (psychology, legal technology, AI, etc.), and your high problem-solving skills.


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Key Facts


Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.)


6 Semesters


180 Credits


German (Level C1)





  • No Admission for the 2024/2025 Academic Year The JKU's performance agreement requires an evaluation of this trial program after the start of three cohorts. In this regard, the JKU will not admit new students to the Bachelor's of Law program in the Fall of 2024. 

Why This Bachelor’s Degree in Law is Particularly Attractive

  • Interdisciplinary Aspects: In addition to conventional legal expertise and the rule of law, you - as a future legal expert - need methodological certainty, key legal skills and interdisciplinary problem-solving skills. These include skills such as your creative energy and capabilities, language and communication skills geared towards the target group, as well as a strong understanding of psychology and medicine.
  • A Focus auf Digitalisierung: As part of the program, you will also hone your digital expertise (Computational Thinking, Legal Technology, Digital Government, and Artificial Intelligence).
  • A "Real-World" Education: Events in real life are rarely black and white. When there’s a traffic accident, who claims or demands damages? (Civil Law), should the driver-at-fault’s license be revoked? (Administrative Law), is there grievous bodily injury? (Criminal Law). You focus on these real-world topics and train your legal problem-solving skills through new interdisciplinary, real-world case studies and workshops.
  • A Revised Learning Concept, Guided Mentoring, Complete the Program in a Minimum Time Period: No overcrowded lecture halls and small groups of no more than 60 students. At the new JKU Learning Center, you work as part of a team to find answers to real-world issues. From the start of the program, each student is mentored by a professor; the program is well organized and the courses are coordinated. Give us your full attention and we will mentor your success so that you realistically complete your degree within the minimum period of study!

The Bachelor's Degree in Law

The Bachelor's degree program in Law is comprised as follows:

Rechtswissenschaften Bachelor's Degree Study Program JKU Linz

The Bachelor's Degree in Law
Areas of Specialization

The Bachelor's degree in Law aims to introduce you to the law and basic legal structures while also focusing on digitalization and legal methods. In addition, the program combines interdisciplinary aspects with a real-world education and digital skills.

  • Interdisciplinary Aspects & "Procedural Justice": When it comes to states under the rule of law, proceedings in front of a court or authorities are of great importance. The curriculum includes comprehensive requirements and students learn about "Procedural Justice" concepts. On one hand, students learn from a legal perspective and on the other hand, they learn from a perspective of other disciplines, such as psychology (i.e. truth seeking, witness questioning techniques), medicine and technology (i.e. what experts bring to the proceedings, etc.). You will learn how a fair trial is conducted and how you can use your networked way of thinking during a trial, whether as a judge, attorney, or NGO representative.
  • Digitization & Computer Science for Legal Experts: In today’s digital world, future attorneys and legal experts need a basic understanding of technology more than ever before. Machines are becoming more autonomous and there are advancements in digitalization at legal practices. Students are introduced to computational thinking, legal technology and the demands of the digital transformation on the law at the beginning of their undergraduate studies. Here at the JKU, we are currently conducting research in this area at the LIT Law Lab, for example. We focus on regulating autonomous systems, digital government and law in the digital working world.
  • Additional Certification: Even during the Bachelor’s degree program you can complete electives providing additional certification, such as the "Zertifikat Informatik für JuristInnen" and/or "Zertifikat für Interdisziplinäre Perspektiven für JuristInen". The Master's degree program gives you an opportunity to acquire additional certification in "Umwelt-, Ressourcen- und Klimaschutzrecht sowie Strategien der nachhaltigen Entwicklung" and for "Digitale Transformation und Recht", thus verifying your academic expertise in these areas.

What You Will Learn in the Law Degree Program

In addition to your professional expertise, during your studies you will acquire the following core and social skills:

  • You hone your skills in logical and analytical thinking to help you structure and solve a problem. You learn how the law can be used to implement social goals and overcome social challenges. 
  • You develop the capability to address legal challenges brought about by technological development, including increased process autonomy and decisions made by the state, by the business community, and society.
  • Students in the new law degree program learn core skills such as technical terminology, rhetoric, (project) organization, conflict management, negotiation tactics, and acquire insight into psychology in order to make credible witness assessments. You learn to be persuasive and convincing in linguistic, argumentative, communicative, and creative terms.
  • Target group-oriented communication skills: You are able to convey legal topics and legal arguments to "laymen". You also learn to recognize gender-sensitive areas in the field of law as well as application fields for anti-discrimination law and gender mainstreaming.

Did you know...?

... artificial intelligence is already a part of the legal profession, such as analyzing contracts. In the future, legal experts will need a high level of expertise in order to handle legal technicalities.

Videos zum Studium

Your Career Prospects

After completing the Bachelor's degree program, you can immediately enroll in the Master's degree program in Law. After completing a Master's degree, you can pursue any legal profession, in particular

  • Attorney at law,
  • Judge,
  • Public prosecutor,
  • Notary public
  • Administrative lawyer
  • Occupations at a company's legal department, tax consulting, in the public sector, at media companies, and much more.

After a three-year period of study, graduates of the Bachelor's degree in law can begin a professional career. As a graduate of the Bachelor's degree program, you can pursue a career in business, in a social field, or a government position in the area of:

  • legal affairs, human resources, or procurement departments as well as in (departments and offices) in company management
  • tax and management consulting
  • the public sector (including professional associations, chambers and interest groups, as well as political offices)
  • institutions of general interest and basic public services
  • media companies

The Bachelor's degree in law qualifies you to pursue new legal professions such as positions at software companies, AI companies, social media companies, or in the field of digital government.

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Admission Requirements

In order to be admitted to the Bachelor's degree program, you must fulfill the following requirements:

  • Hold general higher education entrance qualifications (such as an Austrian "Matura" diploma)
  • According to the current status prospective students wishing to enroll in the Diploma degree program in law must show proof of education in Latin: If you did not study Latin as a foreign language at school (a minimum of 10 hours per week), you will have to take and pass an additional examination in Latin. Contact the Institute of Canon Law Studies for additional information.
  • If your first language is not German, you will be required to submit proof of C1 level of language proficiency in German.

Admissions Procedure:

  • In order to enroll in the Bachelor’s degree program in Law, you must first complete an admissions procedure requiring you to explain why you wish to complete this program and you must take part in an entrance examination.

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Start Your Studies - Step-by-Step Guide

Here is a step-by-step guide to the admissions procedure beginning with entering your personal information to paying tuition fees! We have also summarized all of the important information about the admissions procedure for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Diploma degree program is a proven, top quality academic degree program with many choices and options as well as a certain degree of freedom to put your curriculum together. You have more flexibility in terms of time and there is no admissions procedure. The multi-media option even gives you the opportunity to earn a law degree without time and location constraints. Duration: 4 years plus an internship year in a court year or administrative position if you want to become a judge, lawyer, notary etc.

The Bachelor's and Master's degree programs are pilot degree programs. The new concept focuses strongly on procedures (procedural justice), interdisciplinary aspects, and digitalization. You study in a small group of no more than 60 students and in accordance with an outlined academic concept that includes attending mandatory, on-site courses on campus. You focus entirely on your studies as completing the program within the minimum period of time is not only your goal and objective, but ours as well. Students wishing to enroll in the Bachelor’s degree program will have to complete an admissions procedure. Duration: Bachelor's degree is 3 years + the 2-year Master's degree.

The Bachelor’s degree program in Business Law gives you an introduction to the law and business. The program does not, however, enable you to pursue a legal career such as a judge, lawyer, notary, etc. The Bachelor's degree program in Business Law is ideal to acquire additional academic qualifications to supplement the Diploma degree program in Law, the Bachelor's degree program in Business & Economics, or the Bachelor’s program in Business Administration.

Yes, after completing your Master's degree, you can start your career as a legal expert, or a candidate for a judgeship, or pursue one of the many professional positions in public administration.

We do not recommend changing as you cannot transfer academic credit for the classes you have already taken.

The Bachelor's degree program has been designed as a full-time program for students who can and want to devote their full attention to their studies. For those who have jobs, we recommend the Diploma degree program in Law or the multi-media program in Law, both of which can be pursued on a part-time basis.

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