Bachelor's Degree in International Business Administration.

Globally connected cycles. World-wide networking and cross-border action. Understanding business practices and honing intercultural skills. Study International Business Administration and acquire expertise to become an experienced professional.

Taught entirely in English, the new Bachelor's degree program International Business Administration offered by the JKU Business School prepares you to pursue a career at an international company either in Austria or abroad. The program not only provides you with an insightful overview of a company's business activities, but also helps you hone your managerial skills so you can work effectively as part of an intercultural team.

You will learn just how important core areas of business administration are, ranging from finance, accounting, and tax management to management and marketing, digitalization, and supply chain management.

In addition, students take classes in economics, mathematics/statistics, research methods, social skills, international law, and are required to learn a second language (entry level B1).


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Key Facts


Bachelor of Science (BSc)


6 semesters


180 Credits


English (Level C1)


Linz + Mandatory semester abroad



What Makes the International Business Administration Program Special

  • The Bachelor's program is taught entirely in English and studying abroad for a semester (or a year) at one of the JKU's 200+ international partner universities is a mandatory part of the program. 
  • The program is clearly structured, enabling you to more efficiently complete the program.
  • The JKU campus facilitates international and interdisciplinary exchange. You meet fellow students and professors from approximately 100 different majors and from a wide range of countries. In addition, our program's educational background is closely linked to collaboration efforts with international companies in Upper Austria.

Program Structure for International Business Administration

As part of the Bachelor’s degree program in International Business Administration, students are required to complete courses totaling 180 ECTS credits in the following areas:

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The curriculum contains detailed information about the required courses. At the start of your studies, you will be required to successfully complete all courses listed under the section "Studies Introduction and Orientation Phase (StEOP)". Once these courses have been successfully completed, you may continue with the program and take other courses.

International Business Administration - Areas of Specialization

Your education in International Business Administration will provide you with a clear, global, and interdisciplinary focus on:

International Finance, Accounting and Taxation: Good business is knowing your numbers. You focus on the financials in an international and application-oriented way by first acquiring a basic understanding. You learn about a company's most important pillars: Financial reporting and auditing, management accounting and controlling, financial management and investment, corporate governance and reporting, and business tax management.

International Management and Marketing: When it comes to an international market, what kind of strategic directions are a better fit for my company? What kind of management style fits into my intercultural environment? Will I have to adapt my marketing campaign abroad to given cultural values? You not only study management and marketing across cultures, organizational theory, and international strategy, but also marketing across borders and leadership and change.

Digitalization and Supply Chain Management: Ongoing digitalization brings about various challenges and you focus on current issues in the field. Operations management, supply networks; information systems, E-commerce, innovation management, software development using Python, etc.

Economics: Economics focuses on decisions made by individuals and companies and the resulting interactions. You acquire the tools needed in order to analyze complex problems as well as assess and make recommendations in regard to policy decisions. You learn to understand and interpret data, develop theoretical hypotheses, and test your hypotheses in the real world.

Two of our professors and a university assistant provide insight into the program.

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The IBA Bachelor's degree program on "MyStudyGuide"

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International Business Administration at the University - What You Will Learn

You acquire skills inherent to internationally active experts in business, such as being a creative problem-solver in regard to intercultural issues. Among other things, you will learn about:

  • The criteria used for finance and investment decisions at international companies.
  • How a company maximizes the use of human resources and equipment in an international context.
  • Estimating digitalization factors and using operational information systems.
  • The way companies operate legally across borders (free movement of goods, trade agreements, etc.)
  • Foundations on how to conduct academic work, mathematics, statistics, an introduction to research methods, and gender and diversity.
  • A second language is mandatory. Current options include German, Italian, French or Spanish. The entry level is B1.
  • Social skills, including presentation skills and working effectively as part of a multicultural team.

JKU Podcast for Prospective Students

Today's world of business involves globally connected cycles, intercultural networks, and cross-border activities. The International Business degree program prepares you to succeed as a global citizen by giving you the expertise and skills you need. Listen in as JKU students Eva and Paul share their lecture hall insight and talk about studying with people from all over the world, how they mastered their semester abroad, and their career prospects after graduation. Have fun!

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Your Career Prospects

Graduates of the International Business Administration program at the JKU are qualified to pursue a career at, for example, large international and multinational companies as well as at organizations (NPOs, NGOs). Your educational background trains you as a specialist, able to fulfill different functional tasks at a company such as:

  • International Marketing: While a certain advertising campaign may be successful in Austria, cultural issues, among other factors, may keep the same campaign from being successful in another country. The target groups in various regions must be addressed differently and attracted to the product in an alternate way. Learning about international marketing campaigns, strategies and measures, as well as effective communication between countries are among the topics you will learn about.
  • International Brand Management/Product Management: You are responsible for a company's products/services ranging from design and development to sales procedures, such as maintaining a brand in an international environment, and methods designed to best position the product and/or increase sales.
  • Sales and Export Management: You look after international sales partners and markets, conduct research in regard to market requirements and collect competitive data in order to identify new markets and business opportunities.
  • International Human Resource Management: You work at a transnational company, overseeing labor regulations and/or drawing on your educational background to understand other workplace mentalities that influence recruiting or employer branding.
  • Finance and Accounting at International Companies: You ensure the parent company's accounting procedures and, if applicable, subsidiaries, focusing on financial and liquidity management or external accounting and internal reporting. You also serve as the contact person for any accounting and tax law related issues.
  • International Supply Chain Management: You oversee and organize a company's entire supply chain and logistics in regard to strategy and operations as well as increase process efficiency and productivity. You not only maintain good relationships with suppliers and distributors, you also plan and implement overall supply chain strategies.
  • Academic Career: This door is also open to you! Deepen your expertise by pursuing a graduate degree at the JKU or at another university in Austria or abroad.
„Our undergraduate degree program in International Business Administration not only prepares you to pursue an internationally-oriented career; the program goes beyond by supporting perspectives in international digitalization.“
Univ. Prof. Dr. Michael Tumpel, Program Director and Head of the Institute of Tax Management
Prof. Michael Tumpel

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Admission Requirements

In order to be admitted to the Bachelor's degree program, you must fulfill the following requirements:

Admissions Procedure

To receive a place in the program, applicants will be subject to completing an admissions procedure in order to enroll in the program.

The online registration is prerequisite of further participation in the admissions procedure.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Both programs provide a solid education in business, however the International Business Administration program has a more international focus, students are required to go on a student exchange program abroad, and all classes in the program are held only in English.

Ideally, you should be interested in business topics of an international nature. Keep up on business topics by regularly reading/listening to daily newspapers, online media or podcasts, etc..

Still Have Questions?

Do you need help registering or do you have questions about the program? Contact the JKU's Office of Student Information and Academic Advising (SIBS)!

Program Management

If you have any questions about the Bachelor's degree program in International Business Administration, please do not hesitate to contact us by making an appointment for an academic advising consultation during the following office hours: Monday - Tuesday between 9.00 and 11.30 AM and between 1.00 and 3.00 PM.

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