Molecular BioSciences.

What role does DNA play in shaping your life? How does a healthy cell turn into a cancerous cell? Your degree in Molecular BioSciences can help you answer these questions and more.

The interdisciplinary Bachelor's degree program in Molecular BioSciences gives you an opportunity to focus on issues in the fields of molecular biology, molecular genetics, immunology, chemistry, physics and biophysics.

The program is about your body's processes on a molecular level (i.e., how do nerve cells communicate, how does your heart beat, why can a virus attack you) asd well as about the basic building blocks of life: DNA, RNA and proteins.

The JKU and the University of Salzburg have come together to offer you a program that features a broad curriculum and includes applied practice!


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Key Facts


Bachelor of Science (BSc)


6 semesters


Linz and Salzburg


180 credits





Why This Degree Is Particularly Attractive

  • Your education in Molecular BioSciences is interdisciplinary and broad-based, allowing you to acquire expertise in biology and natural sciences by studying at two renowned Austrian universities, one in Linz and the other in Salzburg.
  • Your interests matter: Choose electives so you can focus on your individual area(s) of interest
  • Acquire hands-on, real-world experience during your studies: Work on applied practice skills as part of a small group and take advantage of the opportunity to get one of many available internships.

The Bachelor's degree program in Molecular BioSciences consists of the following areas:

Pie Chart Bachelor's Molecular BioSciences

Molecular BioSciences: Main Areas of Focus

Students in the Molecular BioSciences program focus in-depth on the following core areas:

  • Genetics and Molecular Biology: Learn more about the way your is built from a molecular perspective and how your DNA shapes your life.
  • Chemistry and BioChemistry: Learn how chemical signals control your body and how you can demonstrate this experimentally.
  • Physiology, Cell Biology, and Microbiology: Analyze life down to the smallest units, including structure, and communication.
  • Immunology: Understand the way your body's defense mechanisms work when fighting outside pathogens (bacteria, viruses,..), what happens when one's immune system is out of balance (autoimmune diseases), and how you can protect your body (vaccines, nutrition,...).
  • Physics and Biophysics: Acquire the skills required to physically explain, understand and detect biological processes..
  • Genomics and Proteomics:  Understand the relationship between DNA mutations, protein malfunctions and human diseases.
  • BioTechnologies: Learn about methods to analyze and modify DNA, RNA and proteins (CRISPR/Cas9, PCR, cloning, rapid tests,...).
  • Soft Skills: Learn how to create an effective resume, science ethics and presentation techniques.

What You Learn in the Molecular BioSciences Program at the Uni

Graduates of the Bachelor's degree in Molecular BioSciences acquire an understanding of "inquiry-based learning" principles and hone the ability to critically question and challenge scientific statements, conclusions, and assertions. Graduates can conduct research and address complex questions on a cellular and systemic level due to their extensive and solid educational background.

During the program, you will also become more aware of ethical and gender-specific aspects in your work, acquire a strong social skill set, and be able to present your work publicly in both German and English.

Did you know that ...? lieu of the Coronavirus pandemic, the public is just now recognizing routinely conducted basic principles in the field of molecular biology conducted in labs over the past decades?

„My decision to pursue this degree was the right one for me as the program is interdisciplinary and provides outstanding education in chemistry, physics and biology.“
Graduate (BA and MA programs), former vice-chair of Student Representatives for Molecular Biology in Salzburg
Portrait Lunz Molek

Your Career Prospects

Program graduates can pursue careers in:

  • Conducting base-knowledge research & development at universities or universities of applied sciences
  • Research and development in the field of medicine and pharmaceuticals
  • Biotechnology, bioanalytics, and medical-diagnostic analytics
  • Quality management and quality control
  • Media and PR work in the field of new molecular biotechnologies
  • Adult education (continual education programs)

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Frequently Asked Questions

No. You can commute quite easily using public tranportation. 

Of course! Initial base-knowledge classes in mathematics/physics/chemistry focus on giving students a solid background and foundation!

As an interdisciplinary degree program, Molecular Biosciences focuses strongly on subject areas such as chemistry and physics. We can provide individual support to ensure students are well prepared for future professions and occupations.

The Bachelor's degree program in Molecular BioSciences covers a wider range of disciplines in the area of natural sciences. The Biological Chemistry program focuses more on areas in chemistry.

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