Bachelor's Degree in Fundamentals of Natural Sciences for Technology (NaSciTech)

Are you interested in natural sciences, engineering, and digitization but are not quite yet ready to fully commit to a certain subject area right from the start? Are you highly motivated and would like to get a head start on your academic degree before graduating high school? Then get a jump on the competition now with the Bachelor's degree NaSci-Tec!

This means that you acquire a solid base-knowledge, university-level education in chemistry, mathematics, physics, and programming. The first four semesters of the program focus on acquiring a strong foundation in natural sciences as well as an opportunity to learn more about the direction you want to go in. You can then specialize in one subject area during the fifth and sixth semester!



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Key Facts


Bachelor of Science (BSc)


6 semesters


180 Credits


German (Level B2)
and partially in English




Full-Time / optional: Academic credit from classes taking during the 11th class (or higher) can count toward the NaSci-Tec degree program

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What Makes the Undergraduate NaSci-Tec Program Special

  • You don't have to choose a conventional subject area at the beginning of your academic studies! Your Bachelor's degree in NaSci-Tec allows you to enroll in a Master's degree program in chemistry, mathematics, or physics at the JKU, depending on your selected area of focus.
  • The program has been designed to allow you to intentionally broaden your academic/scientific understanding and qualify you to pursue an interndisciplinary career in the future, something that is becoming increasingly important.
  • The program gives you a unique opportunity to grow and expand on your understanding of science and engineering while you are still at school.
  • You can also enroll in the NaSci-Tec program at the start of the Summer Semester, meaning after completing your mandatory military/alternative service, or if you are transferring from another degree program. 
  • Successful completion of the NaSci-Tec program allows you to enroll in the JKU's Master's degree programs Management in Polymer Technologies (without additional admission requirements), or Artificial Intelligence (without additional admission requirements).

Did you know that...?

You can start taking NaSci-Tec courses as early as the 11th class, meaning academic credit is transferred once you enroll in NaSci-Tec at the JKU! You get a higher level of understanding in STEM subjects and can start working towards a degree, even before passing your Matura exam!

Program Structure

As part of the Bachelor’s degree program, students are required to complete courses totaling 180 ECTS credits in the following areas:


Study Program Bachelor's Degree NaSciTech

Studies Introduction and Orientation Phase (StEOP)

Newly enrolled students will be required to complete the StEOP requirements at the beginning of the Bachelor's degree program. The StEOP requirements consists of certain courses that are outlined in the curriculum. Before completing the StEOP courses, you can only get limited academic credit when you take additional courses.

Detailed Information about the Subjects and Course of Study

Additional information about your subjects as part of the Bachelor's program NaSci-Tec is available in the course catalog and in the curriculum.

The Bachelor's Degree in NaSci-Tec
Main Subject Areas

  • Fundamentals of natural sciences for technology. You will acquire an extensive, base-knowledge understanding of chemistry, mathematics, and physics, along with basic programming skills. Once you are in the fifth semester of the program, you will then focus on one of the STEM subject areas. 
  • Well-prepared to work at any lab. You acquire expertise that will enable you to work at chemical and physical laboratories.
  • Prepare calculations to support processes and systems. You will create and analyze mathematical models related to processes and systems that occur in the natural sciences and in technology.
  • Acquire experience to meet society's everyday challenges. Learn how to apply scientific strategies to address everyday, real-world problems.
  • Cross-curricular and assessing consequences. You not only learn more about the fundamentals of assessing technology, but also learn how to address impact of digitization, including both the long-term and short-term effects on society and the environment.

What You Will Learn in NaSci-Tec at the University

  • The NaSci-Tec Bachelor's program focuses on educating you to become a scientifically-oriented scientist. You will acquire a base-knowledge education and and interdisciplinary understanding of various subject areas while simultaneously honing your problem-solving skills.
  • You will improve your ability to independently acquire, evaluate and communicate scientific information, as well as learn how to work effectively as part of a team.
  • To help students prepare to eventually pursue a career in a multinational environment (at international research institutions, at internationally active companies, or at EU institutions, for example), the courses are held in German during the first semester of the program and then partly in English during the subsequent semesters.

Video about the Program

Your Career Prospects

Graduates of the Bachelor's degree program Fundamentals of Natural Sciences for Technology (NaSciTech) are highly qualified to pursue professional careers in the STEM fields of chemistry, mathematics, and physics. You have a distinct advantage in that your well-rounded educational background is both experimental and theoretical with extensive, hands-on, real-world training. Graduates are highly sought after, particularly at industrial companies as well as in product research and development. You could, for example, work in the following areas:

  • Chemistry and physics laboratories: analyzing samples and processes
  • Consulting: developing sound strategies to address real-world issues as well as assessing the impact of technologies
  • Industry: implementing, modeling and simulating new processes
  • Research & Development: managing and coordinating interdisciplinary teams
  • Media: conveying complex, scientific information to a wider audience


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In order to be admitted to the Bachelor's degree program, you must fulfill the following requirements.

Contact the Admissions Office for additional information about admission requirements.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Preparation Courses: These courses have been created especially for newly enrolled students. These compact courses provide a review of the core subject matter taught at secondary schools in an effort to prepare students for university-level courses. Attendance is optional.
  • Mentoring Program: Professors and Assistant Professors meet with newly enrolled students in small groups and provide tips and advice about studying.
  • JKU Young Scientists: Upper Austria's largest development program for gifted students at AHS higher-level schools and BHS schools gives school students a unique opportunity to attend STEM subject workshops, such as physics, chemistry, etc. during the school year.

No. During the Summer Semester, there are special, scheduled overview lectures designed to provide you with a better understanding of the three subject areas in chemistry, mathematics, and physics. If you enroll to start your studies during the Winter Semester, you will start with the standard lectures right away and then later on you can focus on these subject areas more in-depth.


Yes, as a autonomous academic course credit, for example.

You can either specialize in one subject area or, for example. listen to lectures in subjects areas such as Chemistry I, Math II and Physics I, in order to familiarize yourself with diferent areas.

No. In general, you can always just register for one semester at a time.

You can also just enroll for one semester (as a non degree-seeking student) to get an initial taste of life at the university.

During this semester at school, you should concentrate entirely on your passing your "Matura" examination. Besides, in the period between your Matura and enrolling as a degree-seeking student, you are not permitted to take any university examinations.

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Advanced Degrees at the JKU

In general, and depending on your selected major, your Bachelor's degree in NaSci-Tec is equivalent and comparable to a Bachelor's degree in chemistry, mathematics, or physics, meaning that if you wish to pursue a graduate degree at the JKU, you can enroll in the graduate degree program of your choice without having to meet additional admission requirements. In addition, graduates of the NaSci-Tec program can choose to enroll in the JKU's Master's degree programs "Management in Polymer Technologies" (without any further admission requirements), or Artificial Intelligence (without any further admission requirements).


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