Diploma Degree Program in Law.

Do you want to understand the legal rules and norms of co-existence within a society and be able to actively take part in shaping them? State-of-the-art educational concepts and a flexible law degree program at the JKU make it possible!

"Am I entitled to compensation after an accident? What are my obligations under my employment contract? Am I paying too much rent for my shared room?" Do you want to get to the bottom of them as well as learn more about basic issues in regard to the legalities of coexistence?

A degree in law provides you with a systemic understanding of these kinds of questions as well as the academic and scientific methodological skills to be able to interpret them in a legally correct way. Your degree not only best prepares you for a traditional law career as a judge or attorney: your comprehensive legal education enables you to choose a professional career in line with your personal interests.

The Diploma degree program in Law is a top quality, highly recognized degree program with many options, giving you the freedom to shape your own personal curriculum and be more flexible when earning your degree. There is no selection procedure for admission. You can study at the JKU Linz campus or online in the multimedia program. Unique in Austria, the Multimedia Law program gives you an opportunity to study law free of time and location constraints and be flexible in terms of time. It is ideal for those who work and study or those who have childcare responsibilities. All of courses can be streamed online and are also available on DVD. Examinations can be taken at several locations in Austria and, in some cases, also at notaries' offices; detailed information is available at: linzer.rechtsstudien.at, opens an external URL in a new window.


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Key Facts


Magistra/Magister der Rechtswissenschaften (Mag.a iur./Mag. iur.)


8 Semesters


240 Credits


German (Level C1)





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Law at the JKU:
What Makes this Program Special

  • Your broad, highly-recognized education in law includes corresponding profession-specific training and practical experience, allowing you to pursue a career as a judge, public prosecutor, lawyer, notary, or take up one of many legal professions in public administration.
  • The Diploma degree program in Law is more flexible in terms of time than the Bachelor's and Master's degree programs. You have the option and flexibility to choose your subject areas and time frame to complete your degree. Students who work can also complete the program part-time.
  • At the JKU, studying law is divided into two sections: an initial "first part of studies" and a longer "second part of studies". This gives you an opportunity to get to know your fellow students from the start of the program and get an overview of the "basics" in law. When you start the second section, you can choose your own subject area sequence.
  • You get to know your professors - and they know who you are, too! You will study together with renowned researchers who are often also actively involved in legal practice - as judges (for example, at the Constitutional Court), as legal experts, or senior administrative staff. The beautiful JKU campus is characterized by its short distances - to your classmates, professors and as well as to other degree programs. Expect an excellent mentoring relationship in a familiar academic atmosphere.

The Diploma Degree in Law:
Program Structure


As part of the first part of studies, students must successfully complete 44 ECTS credits in the following subject areas:

  • Private Law I
  • Public Law I
  • Criminal Law I
  • Austrian and European Legal History
  • Romanistic Foundations of the European Dogma of Civil Law


As part of the second part of studies, students must successfully complete 196 ECTS credits in the following subject areas:

  • Civil Law
  • Constitutional Law
  • Administrative Law
  • Business Law
  • Labor and Social Law
  • Civil Procedural Law
  • Criminal Law II
  • Public International Law
  • European Law
  • Tax Law
  • Legal Gender Studies and Anti-Discrimination Law
  • Foundations in the Philosophy of Law
  • Business and Economics for Law Students
  • Core subjects
  • Diploma degree thesis, with a Diploma thesis colloquium and Diploma degree thesis seminar
  • Autonomous coursework

Studies Introduction and Orientation Phase (StEOP)

After enrolling in the Diploma degree program, you will be required to complete the StEOP requirements. The StEOP requirements consists of certain courses that are outlined in the curriculum. Before completing the StEOP courses, you can only get limited academic credit when you take additional courses.

The Diploma Degree Program in Law:
Areas of Specialization

Along with comprehensive legal education during the second part of your studies, the program allows you to intensively study a selected subject area, giving you the opportunity to earn additional qualifications for a specific profession.

Is helping to secure the natural foundations for life one of your heart's desires? You can focus on studying "Environmental Law" to learn just how. Have you always wanted to study abroad and learn more about rules of cohabitation? Academic credit for a semester abroad as an area of specialization makes it possible! Focus on "Corporate Law" to learn more about business in order to pursue a career in the private sector. Focusing on "Public Administration" will give you a chance to acquire initial real-world experience in the public sector, giving you an opportunity for a high-quality, three-month internship. Study "Criminal Law" and expand your skills in the field of criminal law if you aim to become a judge, prosecutor or defense lawyer.

Is the area of focus you want available? See the areas of specialization.

A video about studying Law at the JKU

Let students, faculty members, and alumni share their insight into studying law at the JKU.


Video Study Law at the JKU Linz

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Law at the JKU:
What You Will Learn in the Program

The Diploma program in law provides you with methodological skills and real-world knowledge, building on a wide range of theoretical legal knowledge. This is what you can expect: 

  • Comprehensive legal education in all areas of law: Constitutional law, administrative law, civil law, civil procedure law, criminal law and criminal procedure law, European law, public international law, corporate law, tax law, labor and social law, legal gender studies and anti-discrimination law, Roman law and history of law. The program conveys central legal foundations and structures.
  • Legal Skills: Complex issues require experts who can differentiate between the issues and communicate them to the outside world. The right kind of argumentation and challenging discourse need your creative input: A "new" way of thinking and networking of content will help you make high-quality, convincing arguments and solutions.
  • Specialization and individual focus according to your personal interests: Twelve different areas of focus allow you to individually supplement your expertise.
  •  Base-Knowledge Education in Business: An understanding of business and economic processes and how they effect public budgets, a company's balance sheet, etc., are essential for today's legal expert. 

Interested in learning more about business and economics? Combine your Diploma degree in Law with a Bachelor's degree in Business Law, earn two academic degrees (Mag., LL.B.), academic credit will transfer to the Diploma degree program.

Your Career Prospects

After successfully completing the Diploma degree program in law you can pursue a vareity of legal professions, in particular

  • Attorney at Law
  • Judge
  • Public Prosecutor
  • Notary
  • Public administration lawyer

As the program's curriculum is broad, your education and expertise in law allows you to also pursue a career in business (such as a company lawyer, tax consultant or in human resources), in politics, or with interest groups and NGOs.

As a legal expert, you possess a high level of analytical skills, problem-solving skills, and your rhetoric skills. Many non-legal professions require your extensive knowledge and background of the law.

On average, graduates in this field find a job 2 months after completing the program. After 3 years on the job, their average monthly gross salary is € 3.135.

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In order to be admitted to the Diploma degree program in Law, you must fulfill the following requirements.

  • Hold general higher education entrance qualifications (such as an Austrian "Matura" diploma)
  • Prospective students wishing to enroll in the Diploma degree program in law must show proof of an educational background in Latin: If you did not study Latin as a foreign language at school (a minimum of 10 hours per week), you will be required to take and pass an additional examination in Latin. Contact the Institute of Canon Law Studies for additional information.
  • If your first language is not the program language, you will be required to submit proof of a C1 level of language proficiency in German.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Diploma degree program is a proven, top quality academic degree program with many choices and options as well as a certain degree of freedom to put your curriculum together. You have more flexibility in terms of time and there is no admissions procedure. The multi-media option even gives you the opportunity to earn a law degree without time and location constraints. Duration: 4 years plus an internship year in a court year or administrative position if you want to become a judge, lawyer, notary etc.

The Bachelor's and Master's degree programs are pilot degree programs. The new concept focuses strongly on procedures (procedural justice), interdisciplinary aspects, and digitalization. You study in a small group of no more than 60 students and in accordance with an outlined academic concept that includes attending mandatory, on-site courses on campus. You focus entirely on your studies as completing the program within the minimum period of time is not only your goal and objective, but ours as well. Students wishing to enroll in the Bachelor’s degree program will have to complete an admissions procedure. Duration: Bachelor's degree is 3 years + the 2-year Master's degree that includes your court or administrative internship.

The Bachelor’s degree program in Business Law gives you an introduction to the law and business. The program does not, however, enable you to pursue a legal career such as a judge, lawyer, notary, etc. The Bachelor's degree program in Business Law is ideal to acquire additional academic qualifications to supplement the Diploma degree program in Law, the Bachelor's degree program in Business & Economics, or the Bachelor’s program in Business Administration.

We do not recommend changing as you cannot transfer academic credit for the classes you have already taken.

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