Doctorate in Law.

By all things right: The doctorate degree program allows students to expand on their knowledge from the Diploma degree program. Your dissertation defense is part of a "defensio".

Independent, world-class academic and scientific work: This is what distinguishes JKU graduates in the doctorate degree program in law from the rest. By conducting independent research, you contribute to the development of academia, expand your academic expertise in the various fields of law, and translate what you have learned into the research-led analysis of abstracted legal issues.

Doctorate Degree in Law

Degree / Dr. iur.


6 Semesters


180 Credits



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Job Opportunities, Career Prospects

The Doctorate Degree Program in Law can open the doors to conducting academic research at both academic or non-university affiliated fields. In addition to earning an advanced degree for the conventional practice of law, earning a doctorate degree gives you access to a wide range of highly qualified occupations in the field of politics, diplomacy, European and international organizations and corporate leadership positions.

Admission Requirements

  • Applicants to the doctorate degree program in Law must have successfully completed a Master's or Diploma degree program in Law at a university in Austria or a recognized post-secondary educational institution abroad that offers a comparable degree in scope and content.

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