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Detailed Information about Completing a PhD in Education.

There are two ways to complete a PhD program in Education program: The first option involves writing a detailed doctoral dissertation and defending it before a committee. The second option is a so-called "cumulative dissertation".

PhD in Education

General Information about the Program:

Details about Potential Degrees

A doctoral dissertation usually includes a large-scale research project featuring comprehensive literature research, a presentation and method justification, data analysis and a presentation to discuss (or defend) findings before a committee. The dissertation's quality is assessed by at least two external reviewers; their assessment should not exceed 80,000 words.

A degree through research work could be completed based on a larger scale research project or several smaller studies linked under one comprehensive idea. Articles must be published in peer-reviewed journals or in conference reports. In addition to the three to four publications, a 'cumulative dissertation' should also contain an additional text explaining the relationship between the individual publications and the significance of their methods and results. This type of degree must also assessed by a minimum of two external reviewers.

Academic Supervisors

The following academic supervisors are available in the respective subject areas:

Potential Dissertation Topics

The following topics are supervised and supported as part of the PhD program:


  • School reform, school administration, school management
  • Education and teaching, measuring educational success
  • Education and society, school leadership


There are currently no available topics.

Graduation and Degree Conferral

After successfully completing your studies you can attend a graduation ceremony to celebrate your academic accomplishments. Click here for detailed information.


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