Doctorate Degree in Medical Sciences.

Your vision includes conducting research and publishing medical solutions? Scientific and academic work is among your passions? Get on the right track with a doctorate in Medical Sciences!

The six-semester, English-language doctorate degree program in Medical Sciences is 180 ECTS credits. The program focuses on scientific/academic work and writing a dissertation. You will also learn transferable skills such as holding presentations, project writing, and writing papers.

You will complete your studies with an oral defense which includes a comprehensive oral examination as well as a presentation and "defensio" of your dissertation.

Key Facts

Degree / PhD


6 Semesters


180 Credits


English (level C1)




Full-Time / For Professionals

Academic Title

Graduates of the doctorate degree program in Medical Sciences will be awarded either the title of Dr. scient. med. or PhD. The degrees differ according to the following criteria:

The requires:

  • Successful completion of all courses according to curriculum
  • Successful completion of the dissertation
  • Passing the oral defense

The PhD requires:

  • Successful completion of all courses according to curriculum
  • Successful completion of the dissertation in a translational research project
  • Passing the oral defense
  • Publishing as the first author in an international, highly ranked peer-reviewed journal

Main Areas of Focus

The doctorate degree program in Medical Sciences focuses primarily on fundamentals and applying scientific research. As you complete your dissertation, you acquire expert skills in holding presentations, writing projects, writing papers.

As a graduate, you are qualified to

  • independently plan and carry out internationally recognized research projects.
  • publish research findings in internationally recognized journals and present them in a comprehensible way to an interested public.
  • hold professional discussions with other scientists in English and to present findings at international conferences.

Program Structure

As part of the doctorate degree program, students are required to complete courses totaling 180 ECTS credits in the following areas:

  • Fundamentals of Scientific Research and General Skills
  • Dissertation Topic
  • Elective Courses
  • Doctoral Dissertation

Please note:

  • The curricular section of the doctorate degree program is part-time in order to better accommodate students who work.
  • The doctoral candidate's main supervisor must be a member of a Doctoral School (PDF) at the JKU's Faculty of Medicine.
  • The main supervisor must be hold a post-doctorate/habilitation degree.
  • In addition to a main supervisor, the doctoral candidate must also have 2 co-supervisors.
  • Co-supervisors must hold a scientific doctorate degree if they have completed a Diploma degree in medicine ( is insufficient). Co-supervisors who have sucessfully completed a medical degree program that included an oral defense do not need an additional doctorate degree. Co-supervisors who hold habilitation/post-doc degrees are permitted to supervise a dissertation.
  • One co-supervisor must be from a different institute, department, or clinical department where the work is to be conducted.

Additional information on these points is available in the curriculum.

Admission Requirements

  • A Diploma or Master's degree in human medicine/dentistry/engineering/natural or life sciences or a subject-related degree program considered equivalent in content and scope to the aforementioned degree programs
  • Dissertation Agreement (including a main supervisor and 2 co-supervisors, a dissertation topic and a dissertation concept)

General admission requirements apply.

Please submit an application for admission (PDF) and the required documentation to the Admissions Office, either in person or by postal service. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Required documents:

Still Have Questions? 

Do you still have any questions about studying or need help with admissions? The JKU Offiice of Student Information & Academic Advising  (SIBS) or the contact person for the doctorate program will be happy to talk with you!