General Management.

Graduates of the Master's degree program in General Management are well prepared for a career in a dynamic, global environment. The program offers an ideal basis to launch a successful career, focusing on entrepreneurial, interdisciplinary and critical-analytical thinking skills as well as how to conduct yourself in the business world. The demanding program provides expertise in key fields of "General Management" and cross-cutting topics of globalization, innovation and sustainability. These topics are key challenges for corporate management. The sound, academicially based educational program includes approaches to real-world issues in business and is targeted to "high potential students" who are motivated to hone their skills and talents to perform at an executive level.

Students interested in international business can complete their studies by taking part in one of two internationally recognized double degree academic programs. Click here for detailed information:

Master's Degree in General Management


Master of Science (MSc)


4 Semesters


120 Credits



Your Benefits

  • The program is taught entirely in English

  • Prestigious academic partners around the world provide exclusive exchange opportunities

  • Specialized management skills give you the opportunity to position yourself with a specific profile

  • Interdisciplinary Leadership Challenges: Globalization, Innovation, Sustainability

Job Opportunities and Career Prospects.

Graduates of the Master’s degree program in General Management can pursue interesting and challenging job opportunities. Graduates possess a broad knowledge spectrum combined with specialization options such as

  • Marketing & International Marketing
  • Global Strategic Management
  • Human Resource Management & Organization
  • Entrepreneurship

as well as comprehensive skills to meet challenges in leadership. Graduates can pursue a variety of exciting careers in industry, trade, and services. In addition, our graduates are well-educated generalists and highly sought after in the area executive management.

What is a "Must" In Business?

A survey of Austrian companies has shown that managers strongly believe that the following subjects should be a part of a business education program:

Recommended Study Plan

As part of the Master’s degree program, students are required to complete courses totaling 120 ECTS credits in the following areas:

General Management Competence 30 12 6 -
Leadership Challenges - 8 16 -

Specialized Management Competence and Advanced Electives

- 6 - 6

Free Electives

- 4 2 6

Master's Thesis and Master's Thesis Seminar

- - 6 18
ECTS Credits (Total: 120) 30 30 30 30

Additional Information


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Prospective applicants to the Master's degree program should hold a Bachelor’s or Diploma degree in business or hold a degree equivalent in content and scope that meets the admission requirements to the program.

Contact the Admissions Office for detailed information about the admission requirements and/or the application procedure.



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