Here you will find detailed information to enroll in the Master's degree program Leading Innovative Organizations.

We have compiled step-by-step information about the admissions procedure below. Please note that in order to enroll, you must meet the outlined admission requirements and the general legal admission requirements.

Master's Degree in
Leading Innovative Organizations

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Applications will be reviewed after each deadline.

Deadline I: November 30, 2020 (strongly recommended for third-country nationals!)

Deadline II: January 30, 2021

Deadline III: May 10, 2021

Deadline IV: June 20, 2021 (for bachelor-students at JKU)

After each application deadline and once all applications have been reviewed, a list of accepted students will be sent to the Admissions Office. We strongly advise third-country nationals to submit an application before the first deadline as the admissions and visa procedures can be complex and you will be expected to begin your studies (online) in July 2021 and September 2021 (on-site). In this regard, you must be admitted by July so you may be on-site at the JKU by September (meaning you must hold a valid visa). Austrian and EU students have more flexibility to choose a deadline. We encourage you, however, to submit your application as early as possible to take advantage of having the time to plan your next steps more easily.

Step 1: Enter Your Personal Information

The process begins by entering your personal information, meaning you will be asked to complete an online form providing your personal information. You will then be asked to select your major. The procedure consists of two parts:

  • Registration: Provide your contact information and create a JKU account
  • Admission: Select your major and provide information about your educational background, etc.

PLEASE NOTE: SIMPLY ENTERING YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION ONLINE DOES NOT MEAN YOU ARE OFFICIALLY ENROLLED! In order to be enrolled as a degree-seeking student, you must be officially admitted to the university and complete admissions (Step 4).

Step 2: Application

Submit your application via the online form for the 2021/2022 academic year. If you need assistance, contact us via e-mail.

The application must include the following:

Important information regarding certificates and academic transcripts:

  • If you have not studied under the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS system), please provide detailed information about your grading and academic credit system so we can evaluate the number f hours you have spent on a particular module.

Important information regarding the GMAT:

  • If you hold a degree from outside of the European Economic Area (a non-EEA degree), you will be asked to take the GMAT. 
  • If you hold an undergraduate or graduate degree that does not include courses in Business Administration, you will be asked to take the GMAT. 
  • The GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) is a standardized, internationally recognized examination conducted around the world. Please note that you will need time to prepare for the examination (a minimum of 8 weeks; up to 6 months). Click here for detailed information.

Information about fulfilling undergraduate degree requirements in Business Administration

Successful completion of one of the following Bachelor's or Diploma degree programs

University Undergraduate / Graduate Degree Program
JKU Undergraduate / Graduate Degree in Business & Economics
JKU Undergraduate / Graduate Degree in Business Informatics
JKU Undergraduate / Graduate Degree in Social Economics
WU Wien Undergraduate Degree in Business, Economics and Social Sciences
WU Wien Undergraduate Degree in Business and Economics
University of Vienna Undergraduate Degree in Business Administration
University of Vienna Undergraduate Degree in International Business Administration
University of Graz Undergraduate Degree in Business Administration
University of Graz Undergraduate Degree in Economics
University of Graz Undergraduate Degree in Environmental System Sciences - Business Administration
University of Graz Undergraduate Degree in Environmental Systems Sciences – Economics
University of Klagenfurt Undergraduate Degree in Business Administration - Branch of Study Business Administration
University of Klagenfurt Undergraduate Degree in Business Administration - Branch of Study International Business Administration
University of Klagenfurt Undergraduate Degree in International Business and Economics
University of Innsbruck Undergraduate Degree in Management and Economics
University of Innsbruck Graduate Degree in Economic and Business Studies



Business Administration equivalence requirements are considered fulfilled providing the prospective applicant has successfully passed courses in the following areas as part of a Bachelor's or Diploma degree program (minimum of the scope/level as specified)

  • 10 ECTS credits in Methods and/or Applied Methods Courses (e.g. Mathematics, Statistics, Econometrics, Survey Research, Operations Research, Decision Support Systems, Programming, Formal Methods)
  • 18 ECTS credits in Finance/Accounting/Tax
  • 18 ECTS credits in Management/General Business Administration

Step 3: Complete the Selection Interview

The top-scoring candidates will receive an invitation to take part in an oral interview in English. If successful, you will be nominated for admission to the program (Step 4).

Step 4: Admission to Studies

Candidates selected during the interview process (Step 3) will be nominated for admission to the program.

Applicants must fulfill the university's admission requirements in order to be admitted. Please send all of the required documents per e-mail to: If you are an international applicant, please see: International Educational Qualifications.

Additional Steps (after Admission) to Start Your Studies

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