Marketing and Global Marketing
in a Digital World.

Marketing is a central interface between a company and its customers.

This Area of Competence provides deep insight into key component areas, such as

  • Global Marketing
  • Global Marketing Communication and Social Media
  • Business-to-Business Marketing
  • Marketing Tools, Relationship Marketing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Marketing Projects with Business Practices


General information about the program is available here:

Competence Area
Marketing and Global Marketing
in a Digital World

Study Plan

You will learn about the connection between proven marketing methods and innovative approaches to digitization. Your objective is to develop the most effective and efficient marketing concepts you can and put them into practice in areas ranging from consumer goods markets to business-to-business and international markets.

You interactively experience state-of-the-art expertise in a hands-on way, drawing on your understanding of marketing projects you have implemented in the real marketing world.

Master's Thesis

The Master's thesis may only be written in your selected Area of Competence. You can find additional information here if you choose to write your Master's Thesis in the Competence Area of Marketing and Global Marketing in a Digital World:


Marketing and Global Marketing

Detailed Information

Your Career Prospects

The fundamental education in management, focus on digitalization, and in-depth expertise in the Competence Area of Marketing and Global Marketing in a Digital World prepare you well for many areas in industry and business and make you an interesting job candidate:

Experts educated in (international) marketing are not only in demand around the world, but also in an export-oriented country such as Austria. Your qualification profile enables you to work in

  • Consumer Goods Marketing: Strategic marketing, product management, marketing communication
  • Business-to-Business Marketing: Strategic Marketing, Business Development, Key Account Management
  • International Marketing: International marketing management, international business development, international product/brand management