Marketing Management in a Digital World.

Marketing is at the crossroads between a company and its customers.

This competence area provides deeper insight into key areas, such as

  • Global marketing
  • Global marketing communication and social media
  • Business-to-Business marketing
  • Marketing tools, relationship marketing
  • Digital marketing
  • Marketing projects with business practices


General information about the program is available here:

You will learn how proven marketing methods are linked to innovative digitalization approaches. Your goal is to develop efficient and effective marketing concepts and apply them in practice as part of the consumer goods markets, in business-to-business, and international markets.

Your state-of-the-art expertise will allow you to interactively implement marketing project approaches to support real-world marketing solutions.

Master's Thesis

The Master's thesis topic must be about your selected Competence Area. If you choose to write your Master's thesis in the Competence Area of Marketing Management in a Digital World, you can find additional information here:

Your Career Prospects

Graduates of the Master's degree program in Management not only study foundational theory in management along with a focus on digitalization, but also become experts in a competence area. Program graduates are highly sought-after in many areas of industry and business:

Experts in (international) marketing are in high demand all over the world, as well as in an export country such as Austria. Your education will qualify you to pursue a career in

  • Marketing Consumer Goods: Strategic Marketing, Product Management, Marketing Communications
  • Business-to-Business Marketing: Strategic Marketing, Business Development, Key Account Management
  • International Marketing: International Marketing Management, International Business Development, International Product/Brand Management

Part-Time Students

Do you currently work but you are interested in completing the Master's degree in Management on a part-time basis?

Earning a Master's degree in Management depends on how long you wish to take to earn your degree and how flexible your employer is. We offer many of the required courses in a block session form, making it easier for part-time students to earn a degree.

You will find two options below as to how you can earn an MSc Management degree in just 6 or 8 semesters.