Strategic and International Management in a Digital World.

In the future, top managers will require advanced expertise in strategic and international management more than ever before.

This is due to more intense competition, a higher level of complexities, and the market's international dynamics.

This competence area provides deeper insight in to

  • Developing strategies (especially for dynamic and complex environments)
  • Creating future scenarios
  • Creating and understanding innovative business models (particularly with regard to digitalization and the circular economy)
  • Addressing processes and challenges of international companies (internationalization strategies, dealing with the phenomena of globalization, forms of international collaboration, working effectively as a part of a multicultural and/or virtual team)
  • Planning and implementing interdisciplinary strategic business projects


General information about the program is available here:

You will not only focus on the challenges facing (inter)national management, but also analyze and develop strategies for successfully navigating complex dynamic environments (such as creating future scenarios).

By studying globally innovative business models featuring aspects of digitalization, openness and the circular economy, you will conduct research on why companies become international, explore the opportunities and risks of entering international markets, and ascertain the challenges of globalization (such as climate protection and sustainability).

At the same time, you will acquire a deeper understanding of human resource management issues (such as Digital Immigrants vs. Digital Natives) and learn in more depth about international and virtual collaboration (you can experience the challenges of virtual collaboration as part of an international simulation study).

In addition, you will work together with a top, local company to play an active role as part of a comprehensive and interdisciplinary hands-on project analyzing complex strategic issues and developing strategic options.

Master's Thesis

The Master's thesis topic must be about your selected Competence Area. If you choose to write your Master's thesis in the Competence Area of Strategic and International Management in a Digital World, you can find additional information here:

Your Career Prospects

Graduates of the Master's degree program in Management not only study foundational theory in management along with a focus on digitalization, but also become experts in a competence area. Program graduates are highly sought-after in many areas of industry and business:

  • Management (or Assistant Management positions):
    Program graduates are qualified for a variety of management positions (such as strategy development, sales and key account management, project management) at Austrian companies or at internationally active companies, at corporate headquarters, or at internationally based subsidiaries. As an early-career professional, you will be well prepared for assistant management positions, such as an executive assistant, preparing information and concepts that will help with making and shaping strategic decisions, or developing future scenarios.

  • Business Consulting:
    As a management consultant, you would analyze trends and challenges for businesses or entire industries. Based on your analyses, you would create new strategic options and business models. At the same time, you would support companies as they internally implemented these strategies.

  • Start Your Own Company:
    Be your own boss! This program is ideal for preparing you for the demands young entrepreneurs face in today's business world.

Part-Time Students

Do you currently work but you are interested in completing the Master's degree in Management on a part-time basis?

Earning a Master's degree in Management depends on how long you wish to take to earn your degree and how flexible your employer is. We offer many of the required courses in a block session form, making it easier for part-time students to earn a degree.

You will find two options below as to how you can earn an MSc Management degree in just 6 or 8 semesters.