Strategic and International Management
in a Digital World.

In the future, expertise in strategic and international management will be more important for top managers than ever before.

Various reasons include stronger market competition as well as the market's dynamics, complexity, and the international aspect.

This Area of Competence Area provides deep insight into

  • Strategic development (particularly for dynamic and complex environments)
  • Creating future scenarios
  • Innovative business models (particularly with regard to digitization and sustainability)
  • Processes and challenges at international companies (internationalization strategies, handling the phenomena of globalization, types of international cooperation, working as part of a multicultural and/or virtual team)
  • Planning and implementing an interdisciplinary strategic business project


General information about the program is available here:

Competence Area
Strategic and International Management
in a Digital World

Study Plan

The main focus includes studying the challenges in the area of (inter)national management as well as analysis and strategic development in complex dynamic environments (including developing future scenarios).

As part of digitization, you focus on globally innovative business models, openness and sustainability. You explore why companies go international, what international markets bring in terms of opportunities and risks, and what kinds of challenges are associated with globalization (such as climate protection and sustainability).

At the same time, you acquire an understanding of human resource requirements (such as digital immigrants vs. digital natives), as well as an understanding of international and virtual collaboration (experiencing the challenges of virtual collaboration yourself as part of an international simulation study).

A particular high point is concluding this Area of Competence by taking part in an extensive, interdisciplinary hands-on project analyzing complex strategic issues and developing strategic options together with top local companies.

Master's Thesis

The Master's thesis may only be written in your selected Area of Competence. You can find additional information here if you choose to write your Master's Thesis in the Competence Area of Strategic and International Management in a Digital World:

Strategic Management

Detailed Information

Your Career Prospects

The fundamental education in management, focus on digitalization, and in-depth expertise in the Competence Area of Strategic and International Management in a Digital World prepare you well for many areas in industry and business and make you an interesting job candidate:

  • Management (or Assistant Positions in Management):
    The program qualifies you to pursue a variety of management positions (such as strategic development, sales or key account management, project management), at Austrian companies that work nationwide or are internationally active, at corporate headquarters, or at internationally established subsidiaries. At the start of your professional career, you are also well prepared for assistant management positions, such as an assistant to the manager where you help prepare and shape information and concepts to make strategic decisions, or help develop future scenarios.

  • Business Consulting:
    As a business consultant, you analyze the trends and challenges that companies - or entire industries - face. You create new strategic options and business models based on your analyses. At the same time, you provide internal company support services at businesses that are implementing your concept.

  • Entrepreneurship:
    Start your own company! This degree program prepares you well to be a successful young entrepreneur and face the demands of creating your own business.