Admission and enrollment to the Master's Degree in Global Business.

In lieu of limited spots available during the international exchange period for students enrolled in the joint Master's degree program Global Business Studies, the procedure is very selective. Students are required to complete a three-step application process.

The process has been designed to help us get to know students on a deeper, more personal level.  You must meet all of the admission requirements in order to enroll in this academic degree program. 

Step 1:  Apply for the Program

By submitting a convincing application, we have the opportunity to learn more about you and your background. Please submit an application along with the following documents and do not forget to indicate which program option you prefer:

During the second phase of the procedure, we will review your application and documents. In the event that we still have questions or need more detailed information, we will contact you about re-sending any missing documents. After our internal review is complete and in the event that you fulfill the requirements for admission to the Master's degree program, we will invite you for a personal interview.

Key Facts

Deadline for the 2021 Program

December 1, 2020

Internal Applicants (JKU students)

Upload your documents here

External Applicants

Send your documents to

Step 2: Personal Interview

The interviews will take place at the Institute of Innovation Management. If you are abroad and cannot personally attend the interview, the interview session will be conducted via Skype. The interview will be held in English and you will be asked about your motivation to complete the program as well as tell us about your personal aspirations. In addition, we will work with you to create a personal "roadmap" for the Master's degree program. Each year we have two rounds of interviews during: 

  • Winter Term: in December
  • Summer Term: in May (2021 no inteviews in May)

Step 3: Admission

Once you have successfully completed the admissions procedure (Step 3), you can complete your enrollment at the university. Please come to the Admissions Office in person between the dates below:

Admissions Period

Intended Start of Studies Start End
Winter Semester After receiving notification about the admissions procedure November 30 (No given grace period)
Summer Semester After receiving notifications about the admissions procedure April 30 (No given grace period)

Please note:

  • Once the above deadline has passed, you can no longer be admitted to the program for that particular semester.
  • Contact the Admissions Office regarding documents and enrolling at the JKU.

Additional Steps to Start Your Studies

Pay Student Union / Tuition Fees


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Need an Overview?
Here you will find an overview of general information about the program.