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Does robotization affect job quality? Evidence from European regional labour market
(November 2022)

new working paper

The older the wiser? Determinants of misbehaviour in team contests
(September 2022)

Mario Lackner, Hendrik Sonnabend
new working paper

Banking on Snow: Bank Capital, Risk, and Employment
(August 2022)

S. Baumgartner, A. Stomper, T. Schober, R. Winter-Ebmer
new working paper

Farm exits and competition on the land market: Evidence from spatially explicit data
(June 2022)

Dieter Pennerstorfer
new working paper

More caseworkers shorten unemployment durations and save costs
(June 2022)

R. Böheim, R. Eppel, H. Mahringer
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Kurt Rothschild School of Economics and Statistics

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Event 14.12.2022

Economics Research Seminar

Eric Plug (University Amsterdam):
"The only child" (joint work with Petter Lundborg, Astrid Rasmussen, and Julius Ilciukas)

Event 07.12.2022

Economics Research Seminar

Jérôme Adda (Bocconi University):
"Health Beliefs and the Long Run Effect of Medical Information”

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Event 30.11.2022

Economics Research Seminar

Analisa Packham (University Vanderbilt):
"The Effect of Universal and Unconditional Cash Transfers on Child Abuse and Neglect”

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Event 23.11.2022

Economics Research Seminar

Anna-Theresa Renner (TU Vienna):
"Hospital closures and patient outcomes: Evidence from AMI emergency admissions in Italy"



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