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Extensive Study: Generation 50+

The EU wants to know: What is life like for those who are 50+? The JKU is actively involved in conducting an EU-wide survey. A new video explains the project.

The Institute of Economics at the JKU is actively involved in the large-scale project SHARE 8 (Survey on Health, Ageing, and Retirement in Europe). The Ministry of Science and Social Affairs has endowed the project with 1.88 million euros in funding.  The survey is considered one of the EU’s prestige projects, surveying those age 50+ about their social, health, financial status in two-year increments. The study’s scientific value in regards to its findings is asking the same questions to the same people. 4,000 scientists and academics worldwide use the data. The study will be supervised by Rudolf Winter-Ebmer, Michael Radhuber and Nicole Halmdienst. 

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