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Working Papers 1992

Working Papers 1992

  • 9201 - Ecological objectives in a market economy: Three simple questions, but no simple answers?
    SCHNEIDER, Friedrich
    January 1992, in: Giersch, H. (Hrsg.), Environmental economics, Heidelberg, pringer-Verl., 1993

  • 9202 - The federal and fiscal structures of representative and direct democracies as models for a European federal union: Some preliminary ideas using the public-choice approach
    SCHNEIDER, Friedrich
    in: Journal des Economistes et des Etudes Humaines, 3, 2, 1993

  • 9203 - The development of the shadow economy under changing economic conditions: Some tentative empirical results for Austria
    SCHNEIDER, Friedrich
    Revised version. March 1992

  • 9204 - The public sector in Australia: A quantitative analysis
    HACKL, Franz, SCHNEIDER, Friedrich and WITHERS, Glenn
    March 1992, in: Gemmell, N. (ed), The growth of the public sector, Aldershot, Elgar, 1993, S. 212-231

  • 9205 - The federal and fiscal structures of western democracies as models for a federal union in former communist countries? Some thoughts using the public-choice approach.
    SCHNEIDER, Friedrich
    April 1992, in: Wagner, H.-J. (ed.), On the theory and policy of systematic change, Heidelberg, Springer-Verl., 1993, S. 135-154

  • 9206 - Endogenous growth, human capital, and industry wages
    WINTER-EBMER, Rudolf
    in: Bulletin of Economic Research, 1994.

  • 9207 - Gleichgewicht, Ungleichgewicht und Anpassung in der komparativen Statik
    BARTEL, Rainer
    August 1992; 1. Teil erschienen unter: Auf welchen Grundlagen beruhen unsere ökonomischen Aussagen? in: Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft, 19, 2, 1993, S. 153-170; 2. Teil erschienen unter: Neoklassische Rationierung, in: WiSt, 23, 3, 1993, S. 151-154

  • 9208 - Market structure and pricing behaviour in Austrian manufacturing
    WEISS, Christoph R.
    August 1992, in: Empirica, 1994, pp. 115-131.

  • 9209 - Unemployment and individual pay: Wage curve or compensating differentials?
    WINTER-EBMER, Rudolf
    in: Labour Economics, 1996.

  • 9210 - Chaostheorie und Verkehrswissenschaft?
    SCHUSTER, Helmut
    September 1992, in: Österreichische Zeitschrift für Verkehrswissenschaft, 1-2, 1992, S. 48-51

  • 9211 - Strukturelle und konjunkturelle Charakteristika der Budgetpolitik von Bund und Gesamtstaat in Österreich
    BARTEL, Rainer and PRUCKNER, Gerald
    October 1992, erschienen in: Wirtschaftspolitische Blätter, 40, 2, 1993, S. 134-154

  • 9212 - Foreign direct investment and exports: A time series approach
    PFAFFERMAYR, Michael
    October 1992

  • 9213 - Austrian economic policy since 1945: An exploratory analysis
    HACKL, Franz and SCHNEIDER, Friedrich
    October 1992, in: Paldam, M. (ed.), Economic development of small open economies in Europe and South America, Basingstoke, Macmillan, forthcoming 1994

  • 9214 - Die Kunst als Wirtschaftsfaktor - vernachlässigbar oder beachtenswert?
    SCHNEIDER, Friedrich
    October 1992, in: Musicologica Austriaca, 11, 1, 1993, S. 19-29

  • 9215 - Measuring the size and the development of the shadow economy: Can the causes be found and the obstacles be overcome?
    SCHNEIDER, Friedrich
    November 1992, in: Brandstädter, H. and Güth, W. (eds.), Economics and Psychology, Heidelberg, Springer-Verl., erscheint 1994

  • 9216 - Public choice - economic theory of politics: A survey in selected areas
    SCHNEIDER, Friedrich
    December 1992, in: Brandstädter, H. and Güth, W. (eds.), Economics and Psychology, Heidelberg, Springer-Verl., erscheint 1994