Economics Research Seminar

The institute organizes a regular research seminar in which researchers from other universities and research institutions present their original research. Papers from all subject areas of economics are welcome. The seminar is publicly announced at the JKU, but it primarily addresses the employees of the Institute for Economics and students at our university who are interested in economic issues. If a paper is available, we will be happy to link it.

With the kind support of the "Linzer Hochschulfonds".

Time: Wednesday, 5:15 pm - 6:45 pm
Room: Lecture Hall HS11 (TN Tower) or online

Coordinator: René Böheim

Presentations Winter Term 2021/22 - onging updates


Florian Unger

"Financial development and concentration in international product markets" 


Isaac Sorkin

"The Slow Diffusion of Earnings Inequality" (joint with Melanie Wallskog)


Amelie Schiprowski

“Interview Sequences and the Formation of Subjective Assessments”


Brigitte Hochmuth

"Financial Constraints, Firm Age, and the Labor Market"


Johannes Voget



Barbara Sabitzer



Michael Siegenthaler



Tímea Laura Molnár

"Health Shocks and Labor Market Reallocation" (joint with Anikó Bíró, Márta Bisztray and Joao Galindo da Fonseca)


Matthias Heinz

"Social Preferences of Young Professionals and the Financial Industry"


Sarah Eichmeyer

"Parenthood in Poverty" (joint with Christina Kent)


Lea Cassar

"Keep Calm and Carry On: The Short vs. Long Run Effects of Mindfulness Meditation on Academic Performance"


Anna Gumpert



Each seminar lasts up to 60 minutes. The lecturer's presentation lasts up to 50 minutes, followed by questions from the audience (approx. 10 minutes). Each seminar is moderated by the chairperson.

Whenever possible, participants should keep their cameras turned on (to give the speaker the feeling of an audience) and their microphones turned off (to minimize background noise) during the presentation.

We'll experiment with different methods for asking questions. Only brief clarifying questions should be asked during the seminar. Speakers are encouraged to pause every few slides to leave a gap for questions.

These rules can change as we gain experience in how the seminar can be organized most efficiently.

A list of online seminars can be found at: